Di Resta says one-stop races hurt F1


Paul di Resta believes Formula 1's recent one-stop races have sold the sport short.

A combination of forgiving track surfaces and conservative tyre choices at the last few events meant drivers experienced little in the way of tyre degradation,

This has enabled them to go deeper into races before undertaking their mandatory pitstops - a stark contrast to the earlier rounds of the season.

Force India driver di Resta is concerned that these comparatively dull races could be detrimental to the sport.

"These one-stop races are not reaching the 'full picture' at the moment," he said.

"There's elements where you're not really compromising on set-up. That's where a little less excitement has come out of it.

"I thought Abu Dhabi was a good race, but only because the safety car came into the equation. But before that, these races were high deg and different strategies."

Even with its non-abrasive track surface, the United States Grand Prix delivered plenty of overtaking, despite the majority of the field adopting a one-stop strategy.

Di Resta, however, suggests that the race would have been even more enthralling if drivers were encouraged to pit more often through higher tyre wear.

"How much better would it have been with more pitstops?" he pondered.

"What you want is cars on the edge, cars that have to go a different way to qualifying in the race and let it unfold to the public and let them enjoy it."

Pirelli plans to alter its dry weather tyres for 2013, with a view of spicing up the racing action.

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