The Diablo 4 player who made 30 billion gold from a crossbow says they aren't to blame for trade shutdown

 Diablo 4
Diablo 4

The player often blamed for Diablo 4's recent trading shutdown says they aren't responsible.

If you aren't caught up on this particular saga, here's a very brief and stripped-down explainer: A Diablo 4 exploit was recently discovered that allowed players to duplicate gold and build themselves massive, ill-gotten fortunes, driving the in-game economy through the roof. One player, going by Jeppe-0 on YouTube, sold a crossbow at the height of Diablo 4's temporary inflation for an eye-watering 30 billion gold. Shortly thereafter, Blizzard disabled player trading temporarily.

Jeppe-0 recently published a video defending themselves against hate mail they say shows up in their inbox frequently, and argues that the timing of their crossbow sale and trading being disabled was coincidental.

"I don't think that my 30 billion trade actually caused the trade shutdown even if gaming news sites certainly seem to think so," Jeppe-0 says. "Hundreds of these types of trades and dupes were going on in the days before trading got disabled. I just think my video fanned the flames."

To be fair to Jeppe-0, I think there's a distinction to be made here between being at fault for something and simply being causally related. As far as we know, Jeppe-0 didn't break any rules whatsoever in the trade, they simply sold at a very opportune moment. And as for that 30 billion gold now burning a hole in their inventory, the Diablo 4 businessman says they've already spent about 2 billion of it re-rolling their gear.

A new Diablo 4 hotfix is aimed squarely at the exact type of trade that made Jeppe-O rich.