Did You Catch the Subtle ‘Traitors’ Season 1 and Season 2 Rule Differences? Here's What Changed

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How 'The Traitors' Changed the Rules in Season 2Euan Cherry/Peacock - NBC Universal

Oh to be skulking around a Scottish castle with Alan Cumming, doing dark deeds in dark corners that have no actual stakes. If only there were a group of reality stars who cheered every time I got out of bed and made it to breakfast. Are you enjoying the second season of The Traitors on Peacock as much as I am? Here's how the show adjusted its rules to make for an even more devious season 2.

The second season of the U.S. series already kicked things up a notch by getting rid of the "normies" and only casting celebrities (mostly fellow reality television stars) this time. Another small change that you may have noticed in the season premiere is that the contestants sat down for an interview with Alan Cumming before the game began to explain why they wanted to be Faithfuls or Traitors. That informed his (and the producers') decision. How else have they changed the rules? Well....

A third Traitor was not recruited immediately

In season 1, Cirie, Cody, and Christian were chosen as Traitors immediately, but in season 2, only Phaedra and Dan were chosen by Alan at the roundtable. The third Traitor (Parvati) was recruited by Phaedra and Dan later on during the premiere.

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Murders can now happen in plain sight

As we witnessed in episode 4, the Traitors aren't doing all of their killing in the dead of night. They were tasked with poisoning a Faithful with a designated chalice in front of the other players and, in my opinion, barely got away with murder undetected. It's a miracle that nobody noticed how obvious Parvati was when she was playing bartender that night! While Parvati's spur-of-the-moment kill ended up causing a rift within the Traitors, it did collectively work in their favor because the Faithful were confused. They were left trying to figure out why the Faithful chose [redacted]... but it was random!

The shields are no longer stored in the Armory

They're now typically hidden within the actual challenges, which allows players to divert from the group effort and steal one for themselves. The drama!

The producers corrected a major loophole from season 1

I don't even think I noticed this, but fans figured out a game-ruining pattern last season and The Traitors producers took note for season 2. During the first season, the very last person to enter the room at breakfast was *always* someone the Traitors considered murdering before settling on their pick.

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It makes sense for a television show to do it that way for the audience. (Saving that shortlisted person for last makes for the most suspenseful breakfast arrival!) But if the Faithful picked up on it, they could theoretically cross off potential Traitors on their list through process of elimination. This season, the producers are mixing up the order so nobody can track patterns, and frankly, that's wise!

And most importantly: We have Lala the dog now!

This isn't a rule change per se, but Alan Cumming has a sidekick in season 2 whom you may see from time to time: his dog, Lala! She's a star!

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