Dijon Mustard Is The Tangy Ingredient You Need To Try In Grilled Cheese

Top down grilled cheese sandwich
Top down grilled cheese sandwich - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

There's nothing quite like a grilled cheese sandwich, whether you want something quick and easy to make or just want a tasty comfort meal. But rather than just slapping some cheese between buttered bread, why not ramp things up and add a smear of Dijon mustard to your sandwich?

This condiment has a noticeably tangy taste to it, as well as a slight bite that's almost reminiscent of horseradish. Dijon mustard's flavor can balance out the richness, and sometimes sweetness, of your sandwich and give it a whole new dimension. This particular type of mustard is made with white wine and hotter mustard seeds, which can add complexity and a bit of a sharper, more mustard-y taste to your meal. What's more? The condiment is generally pretty smooth and creamy, which can enhance the gooey cheese. However, some varieties have whole mustard seeds in them. If you go with this style, it can add a bit of subtle crunch and grittiness to your meal.

Considering adding this condiment to your sandwich yourself? If you do, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to get the perfect explosion of flavor next time you cook this meal.

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Things To Consider When Adding Dijon Mustard To Your Sandwich

Bowl of dijon mustard
Bowl of dijon mustard - DronG/Shutterstock

The first thing to think about when using Dijon mustard in your grilled cheese is what cheese you'll pair it with. If you want to focus more on the flavor of the condiment, you could go for a mild cheese such as Muenster, Havarti, or Brie. On the other hand, you could pair the strong flavor of the mustard with tangy cheeses like goat cheese or Asiago. Another option could be to pick a mix of various cheeses for added dimension.

The next thing to consider with this pairing is the type of bread you'll use. For instance, you could use a crusty sourdough to play up the tangy flavors in the mustard. Or, you could go for pumpernickel or rye bread to add other spices and tasting notes to your meal. And, of course, there's always a buttery brioche, which makes for a rich and decadent grilled cheese without burying the flavor of the mustard.

Other Unexpected Ingredients To Add To Your Grilled Cheese

Apple grilled cheese sandwich
Apple grilled cheese sandwich - Mariha-kitchen/Getty Images

When making a Dijon grilled cheese sandwich, why not get extra fancy and add other complimentary ingredients to your meal as well? For instance, Dijon mustard pairs well with sweet ingredients. You could add a drizzle of honey to your sandwich along with the mustard to make a sweet n' savory grilled cheese. If you'd rather go for fruity flavors, you can try that too. Dijon can work well with blackcurrants or apricots, for example.

Another way to amp up the sandwich is to add some protein. This condiment goes particularly well with pork. Try making a ham and bacon grilled cheese with a smear of Dijon between the bread to play on this pairing. Or, you can just throw some deli ham into your mustardy grilled cheese.

When it comes to playing with Dijon mustard in your sandwich, free to experiment a bit. Come up with your own ways to pair this condiment with other flavors for the perfect grilled cheese.

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