Director of Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown’s new Netflix fantasy wants to make a sequel with her


Damsel may have only just arrived on Netflix, but that hasn’t stopped its director from planning for more. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is gunning for a follow-up to the new Netflix fantasy film, which offers a dark twist on the fairytale genre.

"I mean, I will be so happy to do a sequel for Damsel," the 28 Weeks Later director tells GamesRadar+ and the Inside Total Film podcast. "But obviously, we have to wait to see what the audience thinks and how they react to the movie."

The film stars Stranger Things actor Millie Bobby Brown as a young woman called Elodie who finds herself betrothed to a handsome prince. However, what seems like a fairytale romance soon turns into a nightmare when she realizes she’s been chosen as a sacrifice to an ancient debt. Thrown into a pit with a bloodthirsty dragon, she has to fight her way out to survive.

As Fresnadillo goes on to point out, where the film ends does leave the story open-ended to explore more. But just a note here, we’ll be referencing the end of the Netflix movie now so step away if you’re hoping to avoid spoilers.


"It's true that the universe of Damsel is really open. Especially because, you know, of the new configuration of the family," he adds. "In the story [there’s] this new member, we shouldn't say too much about that [but] it invites you to think about more adventures with them. So definitely, if that happens, I will be so happy to make it for sure."

Fresnadillo is referring to the twist at the end of the film, where the ancient dragon is freed by Elodie. The last time we see them all together, they’re making their way on a ship far away from the charred remains of the kingdom that tried to send them to their death.

Damsel is on Netflix now. You can listen to the full interview on the Inside Total Film podcast, which is out now too. We also speak to Fresnadillo about why Brown was the "perfect" actor for the role and what his inspirations were for the film.

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