The Dish Tilly Ramsay Is Most Proud To Make For Gordon Ramsay - Exclusive

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Cooking for your entire family can be stressful, but when your dad is culinary legend Gordon Ramsay, the pressure rises to another level. While promoting the new season of "MasterChef Junior," Tilly Ramsay told Tasting Table in an exclusive interview that she grew up cooking with her famous father. She explained when she was very young, they would make simple dishes together like scrambled eggs. Then, as she got older, they worked their way up to making things like steak.

While Tilly admitted that Gordon can be a tough food critic, even when it comes to her own dishes, there is one protein she makes for him that she always feels proud of. Since the texture is so difficult to get right, the 22-year-old feels the best when she properly executes fish. "It's such a delicate thing," she said. "It can very easily be over and then it's dry and rubbery or when it's under sometimes you can't eat it. If I ever do a fish dish for him, and he's like, 'Oh, it's delicious,' I'm like, 'Okay, phew.'"

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What Type Of Meal She Makes Using Fish

Salmon on a wood board
Salmon on a wood board - Vladimir Mironov/Getty Images

With such a wide variety of seafood, from cod to snapper, it can be hard to narrow down which kind of fish to use. But when it comes to Tilly Ramsay's favorite type, she usually turns to a classic salmon. Its rich, buttery flavor goes perfectly with many different dishes, from simple baked honey citrus salmon to a spicy honey-glazed recipe. However, she explained that she likes to switch things up a bit and use it in her ramen, which is Gordon Ramsay-approved.

"It's such a good way to get so much veg in there because I just look at what's in the fridge and just chuck it all in," she explained. "I've made that for family a couple of times, with some nice, almost like a teriyaki salmon on the top, instead of a chicken ramen. So yeah, he likes that dish."

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