Disney Star Live-Tweets Her Labor

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Acacia Brinley and her boyfriend, Jairus Kersey, are expecting a baby any day now. (Photo: Ava Maria Photography)
Acacia Brinley and her boyfriend, Jairus Kersey, are expecting a baby any day now. (Photo: Ava Maria Photography)

Disney star Acacia Brinley, who is 18 years old and nine months pregnant with her first child, has gone into early labor — and she’s sharing every contraction on social media.

The teen, who starred in Disney Channel’s Code: 9 and will be appearing in the upcoming film Another Day in Paradise, issued an update to fans on Wednesday, writing, “Hello loves! Just thought I’d update everyone. So last night was a bit of a false alarm. I’m not in active labor, but I am in early labor! I’m contracting regularly about every 6-7 minutes. Nothing too painful so my midwife has advised me to just continue laboring at home until things really kick it up a notch.”

Brinley added: “She could be saying hello to the world today or tomorrow. We cannot say for certain when she’ll arrive but I can tell you she’s coming soon. Thank you for all your guys’ support and kind words! I’m so ready! Can’t wait to meet you, baby girl.”

The actress and mom-to-be spent Tuesday and Wednesday sharing a steady stream of baby news as her labor progressed, including the timing of her “painful” contractions and that her midwife advised her to ride out early labor at home. She also directly answered fans’ questions about her emotional state.

In October, Brinley announced that she was expecting a baby girl with 25-year-old Jairus Kersey, the lead vocalist for the band Alive Like Me. The pair released a music video for their duet, “Times Like These” and at the end of the song, Brinley is depicted holding a First Response pregnancy test while Kersey jumps on a bed with excitement.

At the time, Brinley also clarified that she had no plans to marry Kersey, tweeting: “Definitely not anytime super soon,” with the hashtag #LivingInSin.

While every woman’s labor is unique, the process unfolds in three different stages, according to the Mayo Clinic. The first is early labor, the period in which the cervix opens, softens, and thins out, which makes entry into the vaginal canal easier for the baby. During this time — which can last for hours and even days — contractions occur. Many women are instructed to relax, as Brinley did by lying out by the pool, or to take a bath or a walk. At some point, contractions increase in intensity, and for some women, their water breaks. Many women head to the hospital at this point.

During the second stage of labor, childbirth occurs. Women can push anywhere from minutes to hours. In the final stage, the placenta (an organ that nourishes the baby) is delivered.

Judging by her last tweet, Brinley is feeling positive and zen. And we’ll surely get a birth announcement soon enough.

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