Ditch The Tomatoes And Make Your Next BLT With Peaches

Stacked BLT sandwich halves
Stacked BLT sandwich halves - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Warm slices of bacon, crisp layers of lettuce, and a few freshly sliced tomatoes are a classic combination for a beloved savory sandwich. With both meaty and refreshing flavors, this is an especially great choice for warmer months, but it's an easy meal idea for any time of year.

While the BLT is a treasured fan favorite, there are some ways you can elevate those familiar flavors to take this sandwich a step further. One unexpected twist you can try with this sandwich is ditching the tomatoes and making your next BLT with peaches instead.

A few sweet and syrupy slices of peach can become the perfect contrast to crunchy pieces of salted bacon, so this swap makes more sense than you might think. After all, salty and sweet combinations are a tried-and-true pairing, and that's precisely what makes this new take on a BLT work so well. Peaches also offer the same sweetness factor as tomatoes with a more powerful punch and even have additional natural acidity like their traditional BLT counterpart. With all this in mind, we think it's about time we ask. Would anyone like to try a BLP?

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How To Construct The Perfect BLP

bowl of half and sliced peaches
bowl of half and sliced peaches - Alvarez/Getty Images

A plate of candied bacon or some bacon-wrapped dates are just two of the best appetizers to make, thanks to their perfect contrast of sweet and salty flavors, and a BLP offers those same delicious benefits. To try this unexpected culinary creation for yourself, simply build your BLT as you usually would, with mayonnaise, bacon, and all--but hold off on that final tomato step. Instead of layering a few slices of beefsteak or heirloom tomatoes, reach for a couple of ripe peach slices instead.

The beauty of this creative sandwich swap is that it's entirely customizable. From sweet canned peaches to fresh and ripe varieties, any form of peach will do here, so that choice is up to you and your personal preference. Leave the skin on or peel it off, and play around with the thickness of your slices to see what combination works best. If you opt for fresh peaches, you could even grill them before adding them to the sandwich for some added smokiness or simply heat them in a pan to release all those hidden juices. Then, once you've tried out this swap with the classic pairings, you can further elevate your BLP with even more creative twists.

Other Fun Ingredients That Can Make Your BLP Sing

grilled peach open-faced sandwich
grilled peach open-faced sandwich - Anna Puzatykh/Getty Images

Whether you're bored of cooking with tomatoes or have never been a fan of this classic fruit, we won't judge. Whatever the reason you choose to make a BLP instead of a BLT, know that peaches really can be a perfect alternative to those equally soft and slimy slices. While this first twist is smart, it's not the only way to flip this classic sandwich on its head. Here's how to jazz up your BLP further for even more satisfying flavors.

While the lettuce in this sandwich provides a crunchy and refreshing contrast to the sweetly sliced peaches, it's not entirely irreplaceable. Other leafy greens would fare even better with the peaches here. For example, a fresh handful of arugula can add a spicy, peppery edge to this sandwich while keeping that crunch factor alive. Spinach is another great choice for leafy greens and will offer a much milder bite. A few sliced red onions could pair well with these combinations to augment these flavors, offering even more crunch and acidity, as would a sweet, balsamic glaze. For some simple bacon swaps, try replacing this classic meat with prosciutto or smoked ham for a flavorful yet soft bite.

So, while a BLT might be a popular choice for dinner, it doesn't hurt to reinvent a classic sandwich every once in a while.

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