Doctors spoilers: WHO is Rosie Colton worried about?

 Doctors spoilers, Rosie Colton.
Doctors spoilers, Rosie Colton.

Rosie Colton (played by Janice Connolly) remains worried about Al Haskey (Ian Midlane) after SHOCK recent events on Doctors (1:45pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

Al has been left in a fragile state after his alarming confrontation with angry patient, Frankie Sharp and her husband, Vic Butt, outside The Mill.

But Al is trying to put on a brave face and convince his worried work colleagues he is fine.

On today's episode of the BBC daytime drama, Al is ready to be discharged from St Phil's and return home.

Al tries to act pleased by when receptionist Rosie visits him in hospital, she is not convinced.

Al has been very supportive of Rosie since she returned to work at the surgery.

So she decides it's time to return the favour.

But will Al let Rosie help him when she insists on helping him to get ready to leave the hospital?

Doctors spoilers, Nina Bulsara, Ray Farrell
Doctors spoilers, Nina Bulsara, Ray Farrell

Back at The Mill, Nina Bulsara (Wendi Peters) meets a bricklayer, Ray Farrell (Ian Burfield, who has played several different Police detectives on EastEnders over the years), who is in denial about his mental health issues.

Ray has been hearing a malicious voice on his satnav.

The voice continues to belittle Ray and taunt him about his past...

When Ray falls sick and is brought to the surgery by his worried cousin, Roly Harris (Sean Croke, who has previously played the recurring role of DI Mark Addison on Doctors), Nina becomes curious talks about the voices he has been hearing...

Ray tries to brush-off Nina's concerns about his mental health and decides to go back to work, against Nina's advice...

Doctors spoilers, Ray Farrell
Doctors spoilers, Ray Farrell

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