Dog Will Only Eat After Getting a Kiss on the Forehead — Watch!

Dog Will Only Eat After Getting a Kiss on the Forehead — Watch!

A family member of the canine’s owners created a video compilation of the kisses while dog-sitting

Badger the dog has developed an affectionate mealtime ritual.

The rescue canine, a Chihuahua, wiener dog and bully mix, won’t eat until he’s kissed on the forehead. A compilation of videos showing the sweet gesture that was captured by Sagar Jha, the sibling of one of Badger’s owners, has more than 1 million views on TikTok.

In each clip, the pooch patiently waits for a peck from Jha, before consuming his food.

"Pov: The dog you’re dog sitting only eats once he gets a forehead kiss," reads the text on the video.

Jha, who lives with Badger’s owners and was watching him while they were away, told Storyful, "When they got Badger he was sometimes having a hard time with people and strangers getting in his personal space and close to his face, so in order to make that go away his owners trained him to sit, wait, and get a kiss on his forehead before he ate dinner."

<p>Sagar Jha via Storyful</p> Badger

Sagar Jha via Storyful


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Jha noted that the dog had previously "freaked out" when Jha got too close to his face, so it felt as though Badger “was simultaneously apologizing and trying to build trust.”

"I decided to surprise his owners when they got back … and make a little montage of his kisses so they could see he was being a good boy," Jha added.

<p>Sagar Jha via Storyful</p> Badger getting a kiss

Sagar Jha via Storyful

Badger getting a kiss

TikTok users praised the heartwarming interaction in the video’s comments.

"I would like to babysit next, this is so wholesome," one commenter said.

"I used to be a pet sitter and if given these instructions I would have sobbed from the cute," someone else wrote.

<p>Sagar Jha via Storyful</p>

Sagar Jha via Storyful

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Others could relate to the video, describing their own pets’ similar eating habits.

"My dog does this too!!! He sits & waits, gives a kiss & then he eats his dinner," someone shared.

Badger isn’t the only dog with a quirky dining preference.

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Zoey, a 14-year-old goldendoodle, delighted TikTok in January when her owners posted a video demonstrating that she’d only eat her kibble after they waved a (closed) bottle of ranch dressing over her bowl.

And in another video recently shared on the social media platform, a silver Weimaraner named Bleu refuses to eat dog food until his owners pretend to use “gourmet” cooking techniques on it.

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