Donald Trump laments being kicked off ‘boring’ Twitter in GB News chat

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Donald Trump laments being kicked off ‘boring’ Twitter in GB News chat

Former President Donald Trump has hit out at his ban from Twitter, talked of his love for the Queen and described Winston Churchill as a “very handsome man” in a wide-ranging GB News interview.

Mr Trump and GB News presenter Nigel Farage met for a cosy exclusive chat in Florida that aired on Wednesday.

Mr Farage pointed out to the former president that the Taliban leadership were active on Twitter despite his ban after posts after the Capitol uprising.

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Mr Trump replied: “Well, they were wrong in what they did in dealing with a United States president, who is obviously a popular president, based on everything that you see. Them and Facebook I think they made a big mistake...

“We get the voice out...we have an obligation to do that. But Jack Dorsey leaving was probably enforced because numbers are down.

“Also there is no excitement on Twitter anymore. Conservative people are leaving and being cancelled. In my case we used to get tremendous interaction with Liberals and everybody else.

“Now they just say it is a very boring place Twitter to be and the numbers are going down, way down.”

He then moved on to Winston Churchill.

After Mr Farage mentioned the defacing of a statue of the former British prime minister, Mr Trump said: “Well you saw Churchill’s beautiful bust being removed from the White House.

“When I got there I said ‘send it back’. They call, would you like to have the bust of Winston Churchill? A great one. Right? Even you would say that.

“And I said I absolutely want it.”

He added: “And as you know, President Obama, I believe, sent it back. He didn’t want it. And I said, ‘let’s bring it back to the White House’.”

Mr Farage said President Biden had the Churchill bust removed on his first day in office, and Mr Trump said: “I mean, why would you do that with Winston Churchill when you’re trying to get along with your country?

“And you send… it’s such a token, but such an important token. No, I had it back, for my entire time it was there, and look, he was a very handsome man.”

Speaking about Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, Mr Trump said: “I’m not a fan of hers. I wasn’t from day one. I think Harry has been used horribly and I think someday he will regret it.”

He added: “I think Harry’s been used and been used terribly.

“I think it’s ruined his relationship with his family, and it hurts the Queen.”

It was pointed out to Mr Trump that the Queen has not attended a number of engagements in recent times due to health issues, and he said: “Hopefully not very ill though. I’ve been watching it closely because I love her. I think she’s great.”

Mr Farage put it to Mr Trump that he had been reportedly “bored” in a meeting with the Prince of Wales, and Mr Trump said: “No, I wasn’t bored, I liked Charles, I thought he was great. No, he’s an environmentalist. He talked about the environment most of the meeting, which was fine.

“I mean, I understood that was the purpose of the meeting. And he was telling me his views. I was not bored at all. No, I think Charles is a wonderful person.”

Asked if it was a mistake to hold a rally on January 6 – the day the riots at the US Capitol took place – Mr Trump told Mr Farage on GB News: “Well, you know, I didn’t have, that was a rally that was there, and if you look, it was a massive rally with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people.

“I think it was the largest crowd I’ve ever spoken to before. And the real… I reverse it, the insurrection took place on November 3, that was election day. And before and after, that was, to me, the insurrection.

“And the January 6 was a protest. But if you would have looked at the crowd, the size, nobody wants to talk about that. I believe it was the biggest and most people, and I’ve spoken to very big crowds, I have never spoken in front of a crowd that size. Nobody ever tells you about that.

“And then, unfortunately, some bad things happened, but also, the other side had some very bad things happen.

“And, add this, I offered 10,000 and suggested 10,000 National Guardsmen, we want the National Guard to be there, 10,000, or even the military, because I knew the crowd was going to be massive because I knew that the anger that took place over the election being rigged, and I understood that, I understood it better than anybody.

“And Pelosi and these people turned it down, we would have had tremendous security, but they turned it down.”

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