Donna Kelce Talks Travis And Jason's Skills In The Kitchen - Exclusive

Donna Kelce holding signs of Travis and Jason Kelce's heads
Donna Kelce holding signs of Travis and Jason Kelce's heads - Cooper Neill/Getty Images

We all (or at least all of us who've paid half a second's attention to NFL football over the last few years and, of course, Swifties) know about the Kelce clan. Brothers Travis and Jason played on opposing teams, mom Donna Kelce often appeared at her two sons' games, and recently, the family has received an extra dose of the limelight thanks to Travis' relationship with Taylor Swift. So, there's no question that the Kelce brothers have a fair amount of skill on the football field — but what about in the kitchen?

In an exclusive Mashed interview, we spoke to Donna Kelce to learn more about her favorite Super Bowl foods, hosting tips, and what it was like raising (and feeding) two NFL superstars. We also asked her to let us in on whether Travis and Jason have any skills in the kitchen. While she reported that the two aren't necessarily accomplished home cooks, they aren't completely lacking culinary chops, as they know their way around the grill. She said, as kids, "They would be outside with their dad barbecuing, so whether it was ribs, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, whatever, they would be out there helping him with that."

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Who's The Cook In The Kelce Family?

Donna Kelce holding bottle of Barefoot wine
Donna Kelce holding bottle of Barefoot wine - Barefoot

Donna Kelce's prowess as a baker has received much attention, and she told us about her sons' favorite baked goods growing up, including her blueberry muffins and some special holiday-only rolls. She also heaps a large amount of praise on another member of the family, Kylie Kelce, Jason's wife.

"With Kylie, basically, she and her mother take over the kitchen, and they don't want anybody else in there — and for good reason," she says. "It gets complicated when you have a lot of cooks, making changes and this and that... [It's] very, very great, and they know how to cook for large families... So, I stay in the background. I just watch because it's amazing. It really is amazing." During Thanksgiving, Kylie's in charge, cooking all the classics like stuffing, green bean casserole, turkey, and mashed potatoes — all of which Donna raves about.

When it comes to serving up a scrumptious game day spread, Donna Kelce knows what she's doing, so visit Barefoot Wine on Instagram to get her full Super Bowl playbook.

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