'You don't know what the future holds' – Packers legend Rodgers unsure if Sunday will be his final home game

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Aaron Rodgers remains unsure whether Sunday's game with the Detroit Lions will be his final outing at Lambeau Field as uncertainty again surrounds the legendary quarterback's Green Bay Packers future.

Four-time MVP Rodgers has struggled with injuries throughout the season and has once again flirted with the idea of calling time on his career at the end of the campaign.

The Packers head into their contest with the Lions seeking a win to secure a playoff spot, but a home game in the postseason is not possible.

That means Rodgers could run out at Lambeau Field for the final time this weekend, but the 39-year-old is not thinking too much about that scenario at this stage.

"I'm going to take some time after the season," Rodgers said on Wednesday. "I've got a lot of great memories here at Lambeau – and hopefully can add another one on Sunday.

"You don't know what the future holds. But when I think about that, it's nothing but gratitude. Not remorse or sadness, just gratitude for the time that I've been here.

"There are amazing memories that I've had on this field. There's been a lot of great moments, but I'm still undecided [about next season].

"We're all undecided about the future. I'm just going to enjoy Sunday night and hopefully have some more to play for."

Rodgers was the only member of the Packers' 53-man roster who did not take part in the jog-through style practice on Wednesday.

The one-time Super Bowl winner, who has been with the Packers since 2005, is hoping to overcome thumb and knee injuries.

"I just think that coming off a physical game and this point in the season, a lot of Wednesdays are like that anyways," head coach Matt LaFleur said.

"Above-the-neck days just allow our guys a little bit more time to recover. Then we'll get back on a more normal routine [on Thursday] and handle it the best we can."