Don't Splurge On A Taller Cake Pan. Break Out The Parchment Paper Instead

Person pouring batter into cake pan
Person pouring batter into cake pan - Pekic/Getty Images

Unless you are a part of the cast on "The Great British Bakeoff," baking can seem a little daunting. Unlike cooking, the art leaves little for improvisation. On top of all the exact measurements, there are many techniques and equipment to invest in. Something as seemingly simple as a cake has many types of pans ready to confuse and overwhelm you. But there is one way to reduce the confusion and the clutter.

You may only have space for one shallow cake pan for baking, but that shouldn't stop you from trying your hand at recipes that require more depth. You can always alter a cake recipe for different pan sizes, or you can get creative with your shallow pan. Instead of rushing to the store to buy a tall cake pan, you can improvise using a common household item, such as parchment paper. With some creativity, you can extend the sides of the cake pan by fashioning a makeshift collar. This will have the benefit of functioning as a tall cake pan with little to no hassle when the need to make a deep-dish apple crisp arises.

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Making A Cake Collar With Parchment Paper

Brushing oil on parchment paper on a pan
Brushing oil on parchment paper on a pan - Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Buying a full baking set may seem tempting, but it's not exactly cost-effective. Using parchment paper to create a collar is a clever way to make a tall cake pan of your very own. All you need is the paper, butter, and your existing cake pan.

Butter is the secret to this project. Use it to grease the inside wall of the cake pan. This will act as an adhesive for the parchment collar and ensure the cake doesn't stick to the sides. Continue by cutting your desired portion of parchment paper. You should cut off the amount of parchment that is half the circumference of the cake pan. Once you have that, cut in half the long way so the two pieces curve along the edges of the circular pan. Then, press one piece of parchment against the inside rim of the cake pan. It should only stretch around half the pan.

Use the other piece of parchment to complete the circle on the inside of the pan. It needs to fit inside the oven, so trim down the top of the parchment so it only extends about 2 inches above the cake pan. That should be all the height you need. Pour in the batter for your tall cake and watch as magic happens. You now have a tall cake pan. Once it finishes baking and cooling, the parchment paper should come away with a simple tug.

Deep Pans Are Versatile

Person taking cake pan out of oven
Person taking cake pan out of oven - Bignai/Shutterstock

Making customary fare like layer cakes for birthdays never seems to necessitate deeper cake pans. All you need is two of the same size. However, having a tall pan has many benefits.

"The depth [of a cake pan] is especially important," Michelle Polzine wrote in "Baking at the 20th Century Cafe" (via Epicurious). "With a shallower pan, your cake may overflow or dome dramatically." The length of the pan also contributes to the texture of any given cake. You may discover your cake is more moist and delicate because the high sides do a proper job of shielding the cake as it cooks. And you can still make a layer cake for that birthday with more time to spare. Instead of making two cakes, you can simply make one tall one and cut it in half. This approach saves oven time and will ensure a more consistent bake.

This type of pan also works for other dishes, not just cake. Any deep-dish dessert, like an apple crisp, will flourish in a deep pan. You can add more delicious ingredients for a flavorful and satisfying dish. There's no need to compromise your cake's height when you have limited equipment options at your disposal.

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