DoorDash Is Giving 1 Lucky Person Every Single Thing Advertised During the Super Bowl — Everything.

That includes multiple cars, a Clydesdale saddle, and 720 Reese's peanut butter cups.



We're less than a week from the Super Bowl, which means we're also less than a week from the annual roundup of the winners and losers from the year's biggest game. No, that doesn't mean the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers either (although one of those teams will be kissing the Lombardi Trophy and picking stray pieces of confetti off their jerseys eventually). Instead, we're talking about the game's real winners and losers — the commercials.

Regardless of what celebrity appearances, comedic highlights, or tear-inducing moments happen during those all-important commercial breaks (and, uh, what happens on the field, I guess), there will be one viewer who gets to walk away an actual, literal winner, because the delivery platform DoorDash announced a sweepstake it's calling "All The Ads." Yes, just as the name implies, it's giving one person literally EVERYTHING that appears during a commercial break on Sunday.

DoorDash is keeping a running list of prizes on its All the Ads website and, as of this writing, the food and beverage haul the winner will take home includes 1,000 Popeyes chicken wings (which the company says can be “redeemed at your convenience,” so you don’t have to clear the fridge for all 1,000 pieces); at least 20 family sized packages of Oreos; four 12-packs of Starry; 720 packages of Reese’s peanut butter cups; 80 Drumstick ice cream cones; one 30 pound bucket of mayonnaise; 23 bags of Nerds gummy clusters; 25 cans of Pringles; 288 packages of peanut butter M&Ms; 40 packages of Doritos Dynamita chips; a Budweiser Clydesdale saddle; 60 bottles of Mountain Dew Baja Blast; and a Michelob Ultra cooler. (The winner is also set to pick up at least three actual cars.)

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"What started out as connecting consumers with their favorite local restaurants has transformed into a multi-category marketplace where you can get pretty much anything from your local neighborhood delivered – from food to flowers, alcohol, retail items, and more – straight to your door," Kofi Amoo-Gottfried, the chief marketing officer of DoorDash, said in a statement. "We believe there's no better way to showcase what's possible with DoorDash than literally delivering all the Big Game ads to one lucky winner."

To have a shot at winning, well, All the Ads, DoorDash says you'll need to "crack the code" in its own Super Bowl advertisement and then enter it on the All the Ads website. "Hold your breath, press 'submit now,' and keep your fingers crossed," the company ads.

And while you wait to see if you've won, you might want to clear some shelf space for all those peanut butter M&Ms. 

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