Dora The Explorer Roasts Super Bowl Into Oblivion With 1 Savage Question

Who do we ask for when we need a play-by-play of NFL rules? Apparently, Dora the Explorer.

On Sunday, the NFL tapped the famous animated kid adventurer to explain the rules of football during the Super Bowl LVIII’s Nickelodeon-themed broadcast for younger audiences.

And much to social media’s surprise, Dora used the opportunity to take a few hilarious jabs.

After an NFL announcer asked for Dora’s thoughts on the game during the first quarter of the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers match, the character popped up on the screen with the perfect out-of-pocket reply.

“OK. Who needs a map to find the end zone?” she quipped.

Social media users on X (formerly Twitter) couldn’t get enough of Dora’s “sassy” coverage.

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