Dovizioso hits out at detractors


Andrea Dovizioso has decried what he believes is a general lack of recognition for his abilities within the MotoGP community.

The Italian has suffered a string of disappointments in the past two seasons, including losing his works Honda ride at the end of 2011 and losing out to compatriot Valentino Rossi in the fight for a 2013 works Yamaha seat.

Dovizioso said his own conviction that he is "among the strongest" riders has not been shaken, which only added to his frustration at a lack of recognition from others.

"It upsets me that certain things aren't taken into consideration, because it's as if my results aren't taken seriously," he told Motosprint.

"For the last two years I've been the strongest Italian, that's what the points table says. I was third in 2011 and I'm fourth now, but even if I score very good results it's as if they are worthless.

"Whether I finish third or seventh, nothing changes: the fact that I have been third with a satellite bike, something not many have done, is not highlighted. I'm not asking to be overrated, but I don't want to be considered so poorly either.

"If I compare myself to 2008-9, that is my debut in MotoGP, then today's results are very different.

"Even though victories are lacking, there is a big difference: I have managed to get really close to the top riders. There is a massive amount of work behind that. Why doesn't anyone highlight my improvements?

"I'm among the strongest in the world, I've always been in the top positions, in every series, for my entire career.

"I won the 125cc title, I fought for the 250cc one, I've improve consistently in MotoGP and now I'm among the best.

"I contributed in improving the Honda HRC, and now I'm the top non-works rider with the satellite Yamaha.

"It upsets me to be considered less than what I'm worth."

Asked what type of rider Ducati was getting for 2013, Dovizioso replied: "One of the strongest in the world. One who is very determined to further improve and work hard to develop the bike.

"For sure Ducati hasn't hired a rider with nine world titles, however he is not one with big demands either.

"I'm aware of the fact that the situation at Ducati must change: together we need to understand what to do and what direction to take, that also means understanding what to focus on.

"It seems to me that Ducati now knows it needs to change too. The experience with Valentino has made Ducati reflect a lot more too. It must change, it must be more open.

"Ducati must be more responsive to its riders compared to how it's been up to now. It's an inevitable evolution and in my opinion they, too, have understood that.

"That's why I feel my decision [to join] has been very positive."

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