Drake — rapper, bag connoisseur, possibly single — gifts Birkin to audience member

With Oprah no longer stowing midsize sedans under your seat! and your seat! and your seat!, there's been a real dearth of rich people giving away expensive stuff to unsuspecting audience members.

Enter Aubrey Drake Graham, 36, Canadian, romantic. The former Degrassi star and current world's No. 1 rapper surprised one lucky concertgoer Wednesday night in Los Angeles with an Hermès Birkin bag.

In a TikTok capturing the haute couture moment, Drake proclaims that he "ain't cheap," before dropping a pink Birkin, named after the late singer and actress Jane Birkin, into the crowd.


Amy Sussman/Getty Drake

"This girl right here," he says, pointing to a woman in the audience. "Make sure she has security on the way out."

Drake may have just had the bag — which can run anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 — just hanging around, as he revealed in a 2017 Hollywood Reporter interview that he's been collecting Birkins for years to one day gift "the woman I end up with."

Perhaps tired of waiting, Drake from now on will just randomly hand out Birkins to any and all strangers he meets till he runs out. If he runs out. 'Cause Drake ain't cheap.

Anyway, a $30,000 bag is certainly better than that towel he threw out Saturday in L.A., which nonetheless caused a ruckus. But if a sweaty towel could inspire hands being thrown, it's no wonder the "Nice for What" rapper advised security for that Birkin.

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