Drew Barrymore reveals Kate Bosworth sent her flowers after ex Justin Long visited her show

Drew Barrymore reveals Kate Bosworth sent her flowers after ex Justin Long visited her show

Drew Barrymore and Kate Bosworth opened up about why it's important to "celebrate our exes" on The Drew Barrymore Show this week.

Ahead of Thursday's episode, the daytime talk show shared a clip revealing that Bosworth was instrumental in getting her fiancé, Justin Long, to appear on its season 3 opener last year. Barrymore and Long, who dated on and off between 2007 and 2010, reunited for the episode and discussed their "hedonistic" romance as well as his current relationship with Bosworth.

"Because of your answer, I asked him if we could also be open about your relationship and talk about how we celebrate our exes and — because of your upbringing, because of who you are — we were able to celebrate your relationship," Barrymore said. "We, as women, have an opportunity. We have a choice of how we can navigate our partners that we're currently with — with confidence and blessing and a sharing goodness — that makes all women look good and rise."

Barrymore described Bosworth's encouragement as taking "the high road," adding that it made her adore the Blue Crush star even more: "I'm like, 'Justin, move over, it's all about Kate now.'"

Drew Barrymore and Kate Bosworth
Drew Barrymore and Kate Bosworth

The Drew Barrymore Show/Ash Bean Drew Barrymore and Kate Bosworth

When it comes to love, Bosworth argued that the heart has the ability to grow just as much as it can shrink. "I feel like if you really lean into the expansiveness of love, and that includes friendships, it's only for the better," she said. "Any time I've closed my heart down, because of ego or whatever, it hasn't made me feel good and I want to move to the warmth. I want to stay in the warmth."

As if Bosworth's stamp of approval weren't heartwarming enough, Barrymore then explained that she also sent her a beautiful bouquet of flowers after Barrymore taped the show.

"I got home to flowers with a card by her and then immediately took a video of myself receiving the flowers because I wanted to keep the narrative going of how we can champion each other and how this would be the idyllic utopia in which we could live," Barrymore explained to the audience before telling Bosworth, "And that is why you're one of my behavioral heroes."

"And you're mine," Bosworth replied before the pair hugged.

Barrymore previously shared a glimpse of the floral arrangement Bosworth sent her in a video posted to Instagram last September.

"I just got the most beautiful flowers," Barrymore said in the clip. "I opened the card and it said, 'Dear Drew, congratulations on season 3. May we never outgrow the importance of hedonism. All my love, Kate Bosworth.'"

"Her boyfriend, Justin Long, came on our show — The Drew Barrymore Show — he and I got to talk all about our life and our pasts," she continued. "Sometimes you wanna know, what is the lesson in all of this? Yes, we should champion our ex. Yes, how great that he would come on and do this with me. How great is she for being so cool and supportive?"

At the time, Barrymore noted that the gift was a testament to the strength of Long and Bosworth's relationship and how cool Bosworth continues to be. "I thank her for that. I just think the world of this woman. She is totally my new hero," she wrote. "I can only wish this: that everybody involved is such an absolute inspiration. This is how we model behavior. Thank you, Kate Bosworth, thank you."

In the post's comments section, Long wrote, "I must've done something right in a past life to keep the company of such kind and loving hedonists. For the record, I had no knowledge of this gesture until I saw this Instagram! But it doesn't surprise me."

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