Drivers want answers over Hartstein


Grand Prix Drivers' Association chairman Pedro de la Rosa plans to discuss the decision not to give Formula 1's medical delegate Gary Hartstein a new contract with the FIA.

Hartstein, who has held the role since 2005, revealed that he would not be given a new deal ahead of the United States Grand Prix despite being keen to continue.

De la Rosa preferred not to be drawn on the subject until he has had an explanation from the FIA but admitted that the drivers were surprised by the decision.

The matter has been discussed within the GPDA, with an agreement that de la Rosa should speak with the FIA.

"We will speak with [FIA race director] Charlie [Whiting] about it and see what his view is, what the plan is and who is going to be the substitute," de la Rosa told AUTOSPORT.

"We would like to have someone we know, someone who is experienced, someone who we trust. Unfortunately, there are not many people.

"But before I answer that question [of whether the FIA should reconsider the decision] I would like to speak with the FIA to know what their thinking is.

"All I can say is that Gary is someone who we feel extremely comfortable with.

"We are surprised and definitely looking into who will be his replacement."

The FIA would not comment on the reasons for the decision, or on the possible identity of Hartstein's successor.

De la Rosa paid tribute to the "outstanding" job that Hartstein has done, adding that the drivers would be keen for him to continue.

"He has done an outstanding job and he's someone that the drivers feel very comfortable with.

"We would be more than happy for him to continue. We need people like him who are experienced and that knows us all very well.

"That makes a big difference when you have to be in the hands of the doctor. He knows exactly who we are, what we are and he knows our personalities."

This weekend will mark Hartstein's 247th grand prix.

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