Drunken Saints Pitch Invader Given 3 Year Ban From Ground But Boasts About Incident on Social Media

David Pepper

​A drunken football fan who invaded a Premier League game between Southampton and Bournemouth has been banned from Saint Mary's stadium for three years, according to the ​Mirror.

University student Liam Dummackin drank 'at least eight pints of ale' ahead of the game, before proceeding with a one-man pitch invasion in the 59th minute of the game.

The 22-year-old ran on to the pitch and attempted to take a selfie with Southampton and England goalkeeper Fraser Forster. The Saints' goalkeeper was seen looking less than impressed as he avoided the camera, before Dummackin was tackled to the ground by stewards and arrested.

The third year game and design student - currently studying at the University of Southampton -has also been slapped with a £215 fine alongside the three-year stadium ban.

Dummackin also narrowly avoided a footballing banning order at Southampton Magistrates court which would have seen him barred from every ground in the country. He has since joked about the incident a number of times on social media.

The student, from Bournemouth, but living in Southampton, mocked Saints for banning him as he isn’t a fan and said: "I’ll take the fine and the ban, it’s cool, it was funny, gave everyone a good laugh."

Dummackin admitted breaking the Football Offences Act 1991 by going on to pitch without lawful excuse when he appeared in court.

Speaking in court about the incident that took place during the goalless draw on April 1, Dummackin said: "It was a silly thing to do - I’d had too much to drink.

"I’d probably had eight pints, maybe more. University life is about going out, being sociable and having a bit to drink."

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