The Dugout - Pulis: Stoke could sign 'new Delap'

Tony Pulis says Stoke City may consider signing a new long-throw specialist after allowing Rory Delap to leave the club on loan in January.

The Dugout - Pulis: Stoke could sign 'new Delap'

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Tony Pulis

Delap wreaked havoc in the Premier League following Stoke's promotion in the summer of 2008 as his huge throws unsettled a string of top-flight defences and brought frequent assists for his side.

But with the 36-year-old midfielder out of contract in the summer and out on loan at Barnsley at present, Pulis says Stoke are keen to keep utilising the long-throw strategy in the future.

"It is a weapon - there's nothing wrong with it, it's not breaking any rules or regulations within football - and Rory was renowned for that long throw," Pulis told Yahoo!-Eurosport in an exclusive interview.

"Ryan Shotton, who has come into the team, has a good long throw, and if we found a player out there again who could throw it as long as Rory did, and we could be as effective as we were when Rory was in the team and the group, we certainly would use it.

"As I have said, we aren't breaking any rules or any laws by doing it."

Stoke are known for being formidable in the air and robust in the challenge and Pulis says he has no intention of changing the formula that has seen them become an established member of the Premier League.

However, he does feel that Stoke's style has evolved in recent seasons.

"I think we have grown a little bit in the quality we have brought to the football team - we haven't got as many rough edges as we had before," he said.

"But we still try to play through the pitch as quickly as we can and we still try and back it up as quick as we can, and that will never change.

"We have a certain identity - we have tried to sign players who fit that identity - and we mustn't get away from that because it is an identity that has taken us far and can take us even further."

Tony Pulis was speaking to Yahoo!'s 'The Dugout' through its partnership with the League Managers Association