Duke sends cease-and-desist to apparel company mocking Grayson Allen

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Duke University sent a cease-and-desist letter to Smack Apparel for using Grayson Allen’s name and image without permission on T-shirts mocking the embattled junior guard, TMZ Sports reports.

The shirts show a silhouette of a basketball player wearing No. 3 and his arms in the air, and say "Yo Grayson ... Why You Trippin'?"

Smack Apparel owner Wayne Curtiss responded to the cease-and-desist by claiming in a letter to Duke’s attorneys that the First Amendment gives him the right to produce satirical products.

Curtiss also offered a potential settlement: He’ll fly from Tampa to Durham and personally ask 50 people whether they believe the shirt is sponsored by Duke or Allen. If more than five of those 50 say yes, he’ll stop making the shirts; if it’s five or less, he wants to be reimbursed for his time and travel.

Here’s the cease-and-desist letter Curtiss received from Duke:

0331-Grayson Allen cease and desist by Marcus DiNitto on Scribd

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