My Dumb Little Brain Is Completely And Totally Blown After Seeing All These Absolutely Fascinating Pictures For The First Time Last Week

1.This is what an owl looks like without feathers:

A bald, skinny bird with big eyes and claws standing on a post

Gremlin mode.

u/ecosm / Via

2.This is the unfinished portrait of George Washington that was used as a basis for the design of the $1 bill:

An unfinished portrait of George, with less than half of it (including the entire bottom half) finished

3.This is what baby hedgehogs look like:

Four tiny hedgehogs in a person's hand; they're hairless except for the quills on the tops of their bodies

Look at those little guys.

Universalimagesgroup / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

4.Michelangelo's "David" is really, really big:

Close-up of the nude sculpture, with a person on scaffolding at the top, crouched and working on the head, who looks no bigger than the head

No comments about any other part of David's body.

Patrick Hertzog / AFP via Getty Images

5.This 440-pound gold bar, located in Japan, is the largest gold ingot in the world:

Three people leaning over a huge block of gold on a table

6.This is what an albino raccoon looks like:

A person holding a cuddly white raccoon with paws that look like hands with fingers

Like a big ol' rat.

u/Dutch_Midget / Via

7.This is what Alex Trebek's Jeopardy podium looked like during a typical show:

A podium showing a sheet of paper with clues X-ed out, contestant interview cards,  eyeglasses, a crayon, and a Final Jeopardy card

8.This is how big a giant squid is compared with a human being:

A man crouching next to a squid extended along a plastic cover in a field

It's, uh, giant.

Barry Durrant / Getty Images

9.UPS drivers have special UPS socks as part of their uniform:

Close-up of a UPS driver's ankle UPS socks

Need this to be 2024's hottest fashion.

u/lui3zach / Via

10.In case you didn't know, Brussels sprouts grow like this:

Brussels sprouts growing along long plant stalks

11.Bobsled tracks go almost completely vertical:

A bobsled at the Olympics on a track that's perpendicular to the floor

No thanks! I'm all set.

Daniel Mihailescu / AFP via Getty Images

12.This is what's inside a bag of microwavable popcorn:

Corn kernels in clumps connected with solid oil/butter

Life is magical.

u/swoooooot / Via

13.You are, of course, familiar with Grant Wood's painting "American Gothic"...

"American Gothic," showing the stern woman and man, who's holding a pitchfork
Graphicaartis / Getty Images

14....well, this is what it looks like from inside the actual house in the painting:

The inside of the attic whose window is seen at the top of the painting in the background

The window is down. Took me a second too.

u/mccofport / Via

15.This is what the back of the Rosetta stone looks like:

It's behind glass and has a very uneven, scraggly surface, but no hieroglyphics

It's...a stone.

u/str4ngerc4t / Via

16.This is what color Venus is in real life:

It's an eerie, vaguely luminous white

17.There's a trap door on the Sphinx:

A small door at the back of the structure

18.There was a lake in Australia named Lake Disappointment:

A "Lake Disappointment" sign amid an arid landscape

19.This adorable little thing is a hummingbird's feather:

A tiny feather resting at the tip of someone's pointy finger

So small.

u/isaytyler / Via

20.These are the real-life outfits doctors would wear to treat plague patients in the 1600s:

Doctors wearing long gowns and head coverings with just the eyes cut out and nose coverings that look almost beaklike


General Photographic Agency / Getty Images

21.And, finally, there's a bird that looks like a strawberry that's called, well, the strawberry finch:

A red bird with white dots

Call me when there's a Miller Lite finch.

Tahir Abbas / Getty Images/iStockphoto