Dunkin' Donuts barista shares customer's unusual coffee order: 'Y'all are sick'

A TikTok of a Dunkin’ customer’s coffee order has divided social media users.

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Veronica (@adabadayy) documents the weird things that happen while working at Dunkin’ — from expensive late-night orders to the feeling of being assigned the same shift as your friends.

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But it was her video about an unusual order that racked up over 11.5 million views and hundreds of comments.

The clip showed Veronica scooping butter into a cup of coffee, and she captioned the video, “Y’all are sick.”

The text overlay read, “When a customer asks for butter in his coffee.”

The order is actually nothing new and is sometimes referred to as “bulletproof coffee.” The trend was very popular in 2017 and early 2018 and allegedly kept drinkers “satisfied, alert and focused.”

Plus, countries like Vietnam and Singapore, and parts of North India, drink traditional versions of “butter coffee” and even tea.

But Veronica and other TikTok users who had never heard of bulletproof coffee seemed unimpressed with the combination.

“I really didn’t need this today,” one person joked.

“I’m sorry what—” another wrote.

Some fellow coffee shop baristas even chimed in with some of the orders they’ve had to deal with.

“One time a customer asked for SALT in his coffee,” someone said.

“I’ve gotten asked for salt in orange juice,” a commenter added.

“Omg a customer asked me for salt on his medium-hot matcha latte with skim milk,” another commented.

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