An Eagle-Eyed SNL Watcher Caught JLo's Hair Literally Falling Out Mid-Performance, But She Kept It Real

 Jennifer Lopez in the teaser for This Is Me...Now.
Jennifer Lopez in the teaser for This Is Me...Now.

Jennifer Lopez has been singing and dancing on stage for the masses for years now. She’s headlined massive shows in some of the biggest arenas in the world and is pretty much a pro at performing live. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of her performances go off without a hitch. The entertainment icon performed on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and a viewer noticed that she had a bit of a hair snafu. However, when faced with the situation, Lopez managed to keep it real.

The energy was electric at Studio 8H this weekend, with latest SNL Season 49 host Ayo Edebiri and JLo entertaining a seemingly enthused audience. As is customary, the “Jenny from the Block” singer performed twice. For one of her sets, she rocked out to “Can’t Get Enough” along with Latto and REDMAN and, during the show, one of her hair extensions apparently came out. A user named @AngelaBelcamino highlighted that by sharing a clip to X. You can see how it happened by checking out the post below and also get a look at how the songstress was able to play it off:

Some people say that whenever something unexpected happens, just shake it off. In the case of the Marry Me star though, the solution seems to be dancing it off. But, seriously, kudos to her for just rolling with it and keeping on with the show. It’s likely fair to assume that’s not something she probably would’ve wanted to occur during her set. Still, when faced with such a matter, you just have to roll with the punches.

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Jennifer Lopez on Elle red carpet in breastplate look.
Jennifer Lopez on Elle red carpet in breastplate look.

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There seemed to be a fair amount of hype surrounding Jennifer Lopez’s return to SNL this past weekend. She’s served as a host and/or musical guest multiple times since making her debut on the long-running NBC series back in 2000. She’s merely one of countless high-profile music stars who’s appeared on the show throughout its storied run. However, she’s managed to stand out amongst them due to her memorable musical performances and funny sketches. Some might argue that these latest two performances will be remembered too – and the hair situation might partially be a reason for that.

That wasn’t the only notable on-air moments either, as host Ayo Edebiri also showed off her stellar comedic chops throughout the night. Edebiri even addressed those scam comments she made years ago in regard to JLo’s career. During a game show-esque sketch, the Bear star’s character made a spiel about the importance of being careful with one’s words. It was a clever moment and definitely a highlight of the night.

Jennifer Lopez’s appearance on the show comes ahead of the release of her latest album, This is Me… Now (which we have details on). She’s also dropping a corresponding movie of the same name on February 16, which will be available to Prime Video subscribers. In short, it’s a busy time for Lopez, and she seems to be relishing the moment. Hopefully, all goes well as she continues to promote her new music and that she doesn’t have to deal with any additional hair issues while on stage.

Those who missed this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live can watch it in its entirety by streaming it with a Peacock subscription. New episodes also air on the eponymous day at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC as part of the 2024 TV schedule.