EastEnders boss confirms surprising friendship for newcomer George

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' executive producer Chris Clenshaw has teased an unexpected friendship for new character George Knight.

George will strike up a bond with Phil Mitchell after moving to Walford in next week's episodes.

Show bosses recently announced the casting of former Arrow star Colin Salmon in the role of George, who's the partner of Linda Carter's mother Elaine Peacock.

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George will arrive with his daughters Anna and Gina on Thursday, June 1. Linda is shocked as she realises that Elaine always planned for her family to move to Walford from Marbella to help run the Queen Vic.

Speaking at an EastEnders press event this week, Clenshaw was asked whether it was always his plan to bring in a big new family.

He replied: "Yes, definitely. The plan was always to bring a new family into The Vic. I think Kellie [Bright, who plays Linda] has done a phenomenal job over the last decade. She is the heart of the Square.

"I was therefore incredibly keen, along with the rest of the team, to build on that and to explore the Peacocks, but then that ultimately evolved into the Knights.

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"We started developing the family last January and February on paper for a hell of a long time. In the hands of these wonderful talented actors they have exceeded all expectations. They're even more extraordinary when viewing the episodes."

While Phil is known for not playing nicely alongside other alpha males, it seems like it's a different story where George is concerned.

On who's affected by the family's arrival, Clenshaw continued: "The Knights come with a lot of baggage. Because they're at the heart of the show and the Square, there's lot of interactions with most of the community.

"The family arrive as the community have just lost Lola and they are already thrust into their world going through that process.

"George is a former boxer from the East End, so he's therefore known by Phil. George and Phil strike up quite a good friendship. That's very interesting territory, as a lot of people are wondering if George and Phil are going to be enemies. They interact with the rest of the community very quickly."

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Before the family were officially announced, EastEnders subtly teased their arrival as a knight's armour could be seen in the background of the Queen Vic in the flashforward scene to Christmas 2023.

Clenshaw said: "Now the knight in shining armour makes sense to everyone. When we shot that scene, the Knights weren't in scripts so everyone was speculating.

"The knight has been with George behind all his bars."

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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