EastEnders fans name the new 'queen' of Albert Square: 'She slayed!'

 EastEnders logo Queen Vic.
EastEnders logo Queen Vic.

EastEnders fans reckon there's a new queen on Albert Square - and her name is Linda Carter!

Viewers were thrilled by yesterday's episode, where Linda stepped up and told the police that she saw Dean on the night of Keanu's murder. Her partly truthful, partly completely made up statement meant Sharon was freed and Dean was arrested for killing Keanu on Christmas Day.

Linda at the police station framing Dean
Linda at the police station framing Dean

And the fans absolutely loved it! One fan called the episode "sublime" and others hailed actress Kellie Bright's performance as "phenomenal"!

With Sharon behind bars for the murder that Linda committed, the Six were planning to frame Dean Wicks for the crime.

After all, though he didn't kill Keanu, they knew he deserved to be banged up for raping Linda, attempting to rape Roxy Mitchell, and tampering with daughter Jade's medicine.

Stacey planted the murder weapon in his flat, while the others put together a statement they were planning to phone in to the police station.

But Linda was a step ahead of them.

She had gone to the police station and was preparing to give her statement.

Linda and Kathy watch Dean being arrested
Linda and Kathy watch Dean being arrested

In impressive scenes, Linda explained she'd noticed Dean on the night of the murder, dragging something towards the cafe, but hadn't realised the importance of what she'd seen until Keanu's body was found.

So far, so fictional.

But Linda then used her experiences with Dean to add some truth to the lie. She explained that she was scared of her brother-in-law, that he'd threatened her and raped her.

She said she had reported the crime but the police hadn't believed her, and that was why she had thought twice about speaking out this time.

Her emotional and controlled statement, meant the police listened, and soon they were on Albert Square and slapping rapist Dean in handcuffs!

The viewers loved it!

"Linda is Queen," said one fan. Another said she "played a complete blinder".

And the fans thought actress Kellie Bright, who plays Linda, had "slayed" in the gripping police station scenes.

"Kellie Bright once again smashed it," said one satisfied fan.

"Kellie Bright was phenomenal," agreed another.

While another viewer thought the actress "deserves every award going for these scenes alone" and added: "Incredible."

"Absolutely sensational," wrote another fan.

We couldn't agree more!

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