EastEnders fans 'so sick' of THIS character and demand they're KILLED OFF

 The Albert Square sign on the set of EastEnders.
The Albert Square sign on the set of EastEnders.

EastEnders fans are "so sick" of Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) and are begging for him to be killed off as he continued his twisted plan to keep his daughter Jade Green (Elizabeth Green) close during last night's episode (Tuesday, March 19).

After cystic fibrosis sufferer Jade told Dean that she was moving to Pakistan with her mum Shabnam Masood (Rakhee Thakrar), Dean insisted it was too soon after her lung transplant.

Jade reassured him she'd be fine but when she came down with a chest infection, he made it his mission to stop her from leaving the country by resorting to evil measures.

Knowing her doctor's advice would be to stay in the UK until her infection cleared up, Dean started opening Jade's pill capsules and emptying the contents down the sink.

Dean has continued to cruelly tamper with Jade's antibiotics, wanting to keep her ill to stop her from going to live in Pakistan.

Dean Wicks looking ominously at Jade Green as she  prepares to take her medication
Dean Wicks looking ominously at Jade Green as she prepares to take her medication

Jade's health has continued to spiral and in last night's episode, Dean was in a panic after Jade looked on his phone and discovered that he had loads of missed calls and texts from her worried mum Shabnam.

Jean Slater (Gillian Wright), who has been helping Jade organise a charity auction, confronted Dean and he lied that he had been dodging Shabnam's calls because Jade needed to focus on her recovery and not get distracted by Shabnam promising her the world.

Jean said that Shabnam is just phoning to see how her sick daughter is, to which Dean snapped back: "Oh, it's all right for her over in Pakistan, getting on with life. Meanwhile, I'm left here looking after our sick kid. And by the way, going behind my back and calling the doctor doesn't exactly help. Did you see how panicked he made Jade? He got her all worked up for nothing."

Jean insisted that the doctor should have given her new antibiotics and Dean confessed that he felt "useless."

When Dean went to check on a terribly ill Jade, she was annoyed that he hadn't been responding to her mum's calls. Dean's explanation didn't add up and Jade pointed out that Shabnam knows she's not well enough to travel yet.

"Just start acting like the responsible adult will you?" Jade said to Dean.

Fans continued to be sickened by villain Dean's actions and want him to be killed off...

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