EastEnders' Karen Taylor shares second thoughts over Keanu's kidnap plan

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Karen Taylor has admitted to having second thoughts over Keanu's kidnapping plan in EastEnders.

Keanu had been planning to flee the country with Albie to prevent Sharon from taking him abroad for a new job, but had to pretend their son had been kidnapped when police confronted him.

In Thursday's (November 2) episode, the residents of Walford put their differences aside to join a search party for the child as Sharon tried to hold herself together. Keanu tried to clear himself as a suspect by reminding her that potential new employer Dorian had threatened Albie when she wavered on taking his job offer.

eastenders keanu and karen

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Sharon started to believe that Dorian may have something to do with the kidnapping, leading to the police opening up a new line of enquiry.

As Keanu comforted Sharon following her conversation with the Walford PD, Zack was horrified to find a note pushed under the door demanding £50,000 for Albie’s safe return.

Karen was furious when she caught up with her son and found out that he'd gone so far as to stage a ransom note for Albie.

"Now, she's only got to find £50 grand on top of everything else," an irate Karen pointed out. "Is there even a brain in your head or have you blended it all together to make a protein shake?"

Karen pointed out that her son had now turned her into an accomplice by having her watch Albie during the ongoing police investigation.

eastenders karen taylor

"This is kidnap, extortion! Do you know how long we'll get for that?" she asked.

Karen begged Keanu to confess everything to Sharon and beg for mercy, adding: "I've lost Chantelle. I've lost Keegan. Even your dad wouldn't think of something so demented!

"If we go down, it won't be Sharon worrying about not seeing her son again," Karen reminded him.

Will Keanu come clean?

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