EastEnders: Lily discovers Stacey's adult photos

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has aired emotional scenes following Stacey Slater's OnlyFans discovery.

Stacey has found her world crumbling after her daughter Lily Slater and her friends discovered she'd secretly been posting on an adult site to earn extra cash for the family.

Lily had her own problems with the kids at school making fun of her in Monday's episode over her pregnancy, so Stacey promised she'd sort it out.

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Stacey turned up at the school to give the other kids a piece of her mind, telling Denzel and Nugget: "Baby or no baby, my Lily has got more brains than you lot put together!

"You ought to watch yourselves because there's going to be big changes around here!"

Stacey then turned up to meet with the headteacher, who'd been so impressed with how she dealt with the teasing that she was invited to join the parents' advisory group.

While Stacey thought she'd sorted the problem, Nugget and Denzel soon revealed to Amy that they knew Stacey had been posing for an adults-only website.

Amy struggled to hold in the secret, but finally revealed it to Lily because she felt she'd want to know if the situation was reversed. Lily rushed home where the Slaters were busy training for the pub quiz.

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"You proud of yourself?" Lily angrily asked Stacey as she barged into the house.

As Stacey asked what was going on, Lily angrily replied in front of the whole family: "What's happened? You've happened — flashing your bits all over the internet. You're actually disgusting!"

Lily held up the photo for everyone to see, with Stacey struggling to explain herself. The situation will get worse later this week when Stacey is called into a parents' committee at the school to address concerns.

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