EastEnders' Stacey Slater makes big decision over OnlyFans account

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Stacey Slater has made a big decision about her OnlyFans account in EastEnders.

Earlier this week, Stacey was outed by students at Lily Slater's school for posing adult photos on an OnlyFans-style website and was confronted at a parent's meeting.

Lily reacted badly to the revelation and accused her mum of making things worse for her at school, while Jean Slater also seemed reluctant to accept her daughter's side hustle.

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In Thursday's (May 25) episode, Lily actually announced that she wanted to quit school entirely because of the bullying she was receiving over Stacey's photos.

While trying to figure out that problem, Stacey explained to Jean that she would cancel her 'SecretCam' subscriptions but needed to fullfill orders for the rest of the month or she'd have to refund money.

"It's not long then until but then I promise, it'll be history," she assured Jean.

In reality, Stacey was planning to continue posing for one customer directly, in spite of Eve's doubts about the safety of such an arrangement.

"That site had security, you were protected," Eve reminded her.

Jean was equally sceptical when Stacey announced her plans to delete the SecretCam account and then take the customer's number directly.

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"I'll just [tell Lily] that we landed some big contract in the city," Stacey insisted.

Eve countered: "In other words, lie to [Lily]."

Jean and Eve reluctantly agreed that Stacey's plan was a better alternative than Lily quitting school and going out to work, so they held back their reservations for now.

But, is Stacey putting herself in danger?

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