EastEnders unveils Theo's shocking new move in stalker story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders revealed Theo Hawthorne's shocking new move after Stacey Slater realised he was her stalker all along.

After months of duress, Stacey finally discovered that Lily's tutor was the figure behind the traumatic incidents, with proceedings reaching boiling point as her daughter went into labour while she was being held hostage.

Tonight's (September 7) episode saw all parties persevere in the aftermath of the incident, with Martin lamenting to Jack that Theo was released without charge.

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Kat informed Freddie of the matter, with Stacey putting on a brave face as the family attempted to move on and support Lily with her newborn baby.

Just as she prepared to see her granddaughter, Stacey was shocked to find that Lily had left her room, with the youngster messaging Theo whilst everybody was away.

He attempted to manipulate Lily into distrusting her mother, fabricating that she had continued with her online cam-work, before an enraged Stacey arrived and urged him to stay away from her.

Theo continued to play the victim in the presence of a police officer, but Jack threatened him by revealing that he isn't the only one who could "play the system".

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Stacey and Lily returned home to introduce Charli to the rest of the family, with a scheming Theo still lingering outside despite plenty of warnings.

Whilst the Slaters had been meeting Charli, Theo's malevolent plans reached a new low as he placed a call to the local estate agent; he wanted to rest the house next to Stacey.

With Theo not showing any signs of remorse, and with seemingly no intention to relent in his harassment, how will Stacey cope?

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