Eddie Izzard points to Zelensky’s comic-turned-politician career as she announces bid to become MP

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Eddie Izzard has made a fresh bid to run as an MP.  (Getty Images)
Eddie Izzard has made a fresh bid to run as an MP. (Getty Images)

Eddie Izzard has pointed to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s career trajectory as she says she intends to stand as an MP in the next general election.

The comedian has previously made her intentions to stand as a Labour MP clear, and has been discussing her plans to enter politics since 2010.

Now, appearing on the My Seven Wonders podcast, Izzard said “I’m pushing to be an MP. I was pushing to be an MP in the last general election, and I’m hoping to be an MP in the next general election.

“I will try very hard to get there and hope the people of the constituency I’m going for will elect me. So I’m very serious about it. I’ve said it since 2010, quite categorically.”

She was challenged by Clive Allen about comedians becoming politicians, following Boris Johnson’s resignation, as the host pointed out how Johnson would take part in skits before becoming prime minister.

But Izzard instead pointed out a successful comedian-turned-politician career path: the president of Ukraine.

She said: “Volodymyr Zelensky. There you go. Have I answered you?

“He’s been very strong, very consistent.”

However, while Zelensky may be an inspiration for his career switch, Izzard doesn’t have the same dreams of running a country.

When the podcast host asked her if she’d like to lead the Labour party one day, Izzard said she “doesn’t mind who’s running the gig.”

She added: “I just want us to go more positive, more enlighted, more live and let live, more make connections rather than break connections. I want 7.8 billion people in the world to have a fair chance in life.

“I want to help, I’m happy to be a team player.”