Eddie Jones: England boss has ‘had enough’ of TMO interventions

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 Credit: PA Images
Credit: PA Images

England head coach Eddie Jones insists that the number of stoppages are harming the sport’s product.

The Red Rose boss is adamant that rugby union has become too stop-start, with referees being far too pedantic when it comes to high tackles.

Jones was at pains to say that it is not the fault of the match officials and believes that they are following the guidance from World Rugby.

Incessant use of TMO

“We’ve got to keep the game safe, don’t get me wrong, but accidental head contact and this incessant use of the TMO, we’ve got to cut that out,” he said.

“We’ve got to get a better balance in the game. We’ve gone to trying to play everything absolutely right like it’s a tennis game.

“Every decision has to be right, but we need to get back to having a rhythm and a flow in the game.

“You watch that State of Origin game (between New South Wales and Queensland) and there was a natural flow and rhythm in it. Rugby, when it’s played at its best and we have the laws at the right level, we get that natural flow and rhythm in the game. But we don’t have it at the moment.

“Every time we get a flow in the game, there’s a stoppage. We go back. Someone has taken out someone.

“We need to get everyone on the same page and start moving towards the game we really want. We’ve just gone too far down one road.

“We can’t blame the referees. The referees, coaches and players need to get together and say ‘this is the game we want’.”

Impact in July Tests

There was a long stoppage in the opening Test between Australia and England to sort out the fracas between Darcy Swain and Jonny Hill, but Jones’ comments come after the second New Zealand v Ireland encounter.

The All Blacks had three players carded, with all the incidents being referred to the TMO, and Jones does not want to see a repeat of that.

“I’m certainly going to be pushing for this because I’ve had enough. I don’t want to see a New Zealand-Ireland game like that ever again, where we don’t even know how many people are supposed to be on the field,” he said.

“They get it wrong and they still don’t right it. That’s not the referees’ fault, it’s what they’re being pushed to do, so we have to get that right.

“Otherwise imagine the next World Cup… you play a quarter-final, you get a red card and two yellows, you’re down to 12 men and it’s just ridiculous.

“Line-outs can be tidied up, scrums can be tidied up and as long as the referees get the mandate to do it, they’ll do it. And coaches will go along with it. But it’s got to be clear and it’s got to be concise. Let’s get the game going.”

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