Eddie Jones: England head coach runs ‘a dictatorship’ says former Red Rose centre

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Former England centre Luther Burrell has become the latest player to criticise Eddie Jones, stating that the current set-up “is a dictatorship”.

It all comes after the current Red Rose head coach insisted that private schools did not produce enough on-field leaders.

Firstly, Jones was rebuked by his employers, the Rugby Football Union, before Sir Clive Woodward and Danny Cipriani slammed his comments.

Cipriani went a step further and criticised the Australian’s methods, and another disgruntled ex-employee has duly followed suit.

Doesn’t allow players to grow

“The game now is far more strategic and far less barbaric. Rugby in 2022 is about problem solving as you go,” Burrell wrote in the Mail on Sunday.

“I’m not sure England have the players to do that. In my opinion, that’s because the environment created by Eddie isn’t right. It is a dictatorship.

“That is how I felt when I was part of Eddie’s set-up. I’m not sure what things are like now, but my experience is of a dictatorship where you are just told what to do.

“That sort of environment doesn’t allow the players within it to grow and make wrong decisions, which is crucial.”

He added: “No one wants to make a wrong decision, but rugby is never going to be a smooth process. The ability to make mistakes, learn from them and then correct them the next time around is crucial to the growth and development of both a player and the team as a whole.

“I’m not sure England’s players feel they can do that. They’re worried about making errors which could lead to them being dropped. They live in fear of Eddie.

“So too do his assistant coaches. That much is clear by the huge number who have worked in the England set-up under him and then moved on.”

Featured under Jones in Australia

Burrell was a regular for England in the latter part of Stuart Lancaster’s tenure, earning a number of caps in 2014 and 2015, but he infamously missed out on the World Cup to rugby league convert Sam Burgess.

With Jones taking the reins after that failure at the global tournament, the centre returned to the squad for the mid-year series against Australia.

He started the opening Test but was replaced in the first half after struggling defensively and never played for his country again.

Burrell said: “Has Eddie been allowing his players to grow into senior roles and to develop as leaders? My honest view is he has not. We have to assume that is the case because, seven years after he became head coach, he is saying there are not enough players in his squad with leadership abilities and the strength to deal with adversity when things go wrong on the pitch.

“In my view, part of the reason for that is that the England team is constantly changing year on year, not only with a big turnover of players but also coaching staff.

“Eddie should be looking at himself and the environment he creates with England for why his players might lack leadership.

“Instead, he is blaming other people and pointing the finger elsewhere, in this case at the private education system. I don’t think that’s totally fair.”

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