Eddie Jones: Rugby Australia condemns fans who called England coach a ‘traitor’

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 Credit: PA Images
Credit: PA Images

Rugby Australia chief executive Andy Marinos has expressed his organisation’s disapproval at the “offensive” remarks and behaviour of spectators towards England on Saturday night in Sydney.

England’s Australian head coach Eddie Jones was heckled during the Test which the visitors won 21-17 at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) and, in doing so, secured them a 2-1 series victory.

Rugby Australia released a statement on Monday in which Marinos said the comments made by spectators in the members’ area of the SCG towards England staff were “unacceptable” and “not representative of the values of rugby”.

Zero-tolerance policy

“We have a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate behaviour, and we are working with Venues NSW on appropriate sanctions for these individuals,” he added.

“Rugby prides itself on values of respect and integrity – as seen in the players of both teams after the final whistle of a hard-fought series at the SCG on Saturday night.

“It is our expectation that spectators adhere to these values of respect and integrity when attending Rugby matches – and, we would hope, in society in general.”

Marinos’ comments were made after video footage emerged on social media of Jones being goaded by spectators in two separate incidents during the match.

In one incident, Jones is involved in an angry confrontation with a man who called him a “traitor”. The spectator was holding a pint of beer and wearing a Wallabies cap. He says “you’re a traitor” twice before Jones then walks towards the stands and replies “come here and say it” three times.

The surprised spectator retreats before a member of the ground’s security staff escorts the England coach away. The security guard then turns to the fan and says “I have spoken to you before”.

In a separate incident, while walking through the members area of the SCG, another spectator also called Jones a traitor and he responds by saying “what did you say you f****** idiot. Go and f*** yourself mate.”

Life ban

Meanwhile, another fan was filmed climbing onto the roof of the SCG’s grandstand and urinating. Rugby Australia revealed that the man has been banned for life and called his actions “deplorable” and “disgraceful”.

“This individual has been issued with a life ban from Rugby Australia events – and we will continue to support the authorities in their handling of the matter,” said Marinos.

The Sydney Morning Herald asked Jones about the incident with the spectator, who called him a traitor, to which he replied: “Clowns think they have full go to abuse coaches.”

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