Can I Get An EEEEOOOO? New Details About The Highlander Reboot (And Queen) Drop, And I'm Pumped

 Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery in Highlander.
Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery in Highlander.

Ladies and gentlemen, movie lovers and Queen fans, get ready to channel your inner Freddie Mercury because we’ve got some electrifying news. The Highlander reboot is gathering momentum, and it seems the Hall of Fame rock band’s music is set to return. Let me hear your best Freddie Mercury 1985 Live Aid “EEEEOOOO,” because I am completely pumped about this news!

The director of the long-in-development Highlander remake, which has taken a significant step forward, confirmed to The Wrap that his movie is shaping up to be something truly magical. Chad Stahelski, who is the exciting director choice, previously revealed to CinemaBlend that the immortal warriors and their epic battles will return to the big screen with an "upgrade." Still, the creative team behind the project intends to utilize the iconic Queen soundtrack from the original but one with one caveat. As the filmmaker put it:

Yes. Probably in a different way than you think, but hardcore yes.

The legendary London-formed band played a pivotal role in the inception of the original movie by composing and performing a stellar lineup of songs. Their musical contributions were so profound that they even released an album titled A Kind of Magic in 1986, which served as the official soundtrack for the film. So it's definitely exciting and fitting that their tunes would remain in play for this upcoming reimagining. According to the film’s director, the music isn’t all fans of the original flick should be pumped about either. He also explained:

We’re trying to encapsulate everything you loved about the original with more – meaning we want to ground it, we want it to be a great chance at world-building and mythology. But we still want to keep it fun. It’s like the ‘Wick’ movies. You want to experience this world, you want to believe it’s real. But it’s also five degrees off from reality. This is a movie with immortals running around chopping each others’ heads off. There’s a certain ridiculousness to it. It’s like the ‘Wick’s. We ride the tone. Everybody in the movie thinks it's real. But we as an audience can get our heads around it – look, suspend disbelief. We’re trying to get you on board for this amazing journey with people who have lived hundreds of years. It’s a challenge. But I’m very excited.

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henry cavill during the witcher’s shaerrawedd battle in season 3
henry cavill during the witcher’s shaerrawedd battle in season 3

The Highlander Reboot: What's Going On With The Henry Cavill Movie?

For those who didn't grow up in the '80s, let me introduce you to the Highlander lore. This epic tale revolves around Connor MacLeod, a Scottish Highlander from the 16th century, who miraculously survives a deadly clash with the formidable Kurgan. However, he's banished from his village and branded a witch. His life turns upside down when he encounters the enigmatic swordsman, Ramírez, who reveals that MacLeod is immortal, only vulnerable to beheading. Immortals wage secret battles, and, as the story unfolds, we learn that the last few survivors are destined to engage in a climactic showdown known as the Gathering in 1985, set in the heart of New York. MacLeod's mission? To stop his arch-nemesis, the ruthless Kurgan, from claiming the ultimate Prize.

Now, if this sounds like a crazy rollercoaster of a plot, that's because it is! Amidst all the madness, one element stands out and stays etched in this fan's memories – the incredible Queen soundtrack that graced the original film. Just try listening to Princes of the Universe without feeling an adrenaline rush!

Chad Stahelski has also discussed the decision to cast Henry Cavill in the role of the titular immortal hero, discussing why Cavill is the ideal actor to carry the torch from Christopher Lambert. There are ambitious plans for the reboot, and there have been hints to the possibility of a new trilogy that could span the same plot and timeline as the original film. This approach would enable viewers to witness the evolution of Cavill's character and grant each installment the opportunity to explore the intricate universe of the Immortals in greater depth.

This ambitious revamp has been on the industry's radar since as far back as 2008, with Chad Stahelski taking the reins in late 2016. While we're still in the dark regarding the extent of the connections this new movie will have with its predecessors, one thing is certain: the music will rock you! And I'm here for it!

So prepare to raise your swords and your voices because the Highlander reboot is on the horizon, bringing Queen along for the ride. Can I get another EEEEOOOO!? The 1986 film is available to stream for everyone with a Prime Video subscription. Also, check out our schedule of upcoming movies to see what's headed to a theater near you.