For Elevated Fish Burgers, Ginger Is The Punchy Ingredient You Need

fish burger with tartar sauce
fish burger with tartar sauce - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

If you love burgers but are trying to eat less red meat, fish burgers make a great alternative to beef. When considering fish options, tuna, tilapia, and salmon make tasty selections that can be elevated even further when you incorporate the right ingredients. For example, ginger is a perfect choice for homemade fish burgers, pairing nicely with seafood's subtle, delicate flavors.

Ginger root has been used in cooking since ancient times and is beloved for its nutritional properties. Per Medical News Today, it positively impacts immune function and aids healthy digestion. As for the flavor, ginger imparts notes of savory warmth to dishes along with a bit of mild sweetness. This flavor profile works well with fish and seafood, as it amends -- not overwhelms -- the refined flavors. Ginger root is available in different formats, including fresh and powdered forms. However, while derived from the same source, there are some notable differences between fresh and dried ginger.

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Should You Use Fresh Or Dried Ginger In Fish Burgers?

peeling ginger with a spoon
peeling ginger with a spoon - Miriam Doerr Martin Frommherz/Shutterstock

Ground ginger root can be found in most grocery store spice aisles. Because it lacks the oil found in fresh ginger, powdered ginger imparts a less intense flavor to dishes. As a result, it's often used to elevate the flavor of baked goods. Although fresh ginger has a more pronounced flavor, it also offers a bigger boost of sweetness when compared to dried versions. As for which format to use, fresh ginger is best when seeking bold flavors, while ground is preferred if you want to make a subtler amendment to fish burgers.

In this case, it helps to consider the type of fish you're using to make your patties. For instance, the potent flavor of salmon helps it stand up to the zing of freshly peeled ginger root. Fresh ginger also infuses dishes with a multi-faceted flavor profile, and a more flavorful fish, like salmon, serves as the perfect vehicle. With fish like tuna, which has a lighter flavor than salmon, choosing ground ginger may be the better option. Using fresh ginger may overpower the delicate flavors of tuna, whereas powdered ginger varieties add the perfect enhancement without taking over the entire dish.

Other Ways To Incorporate Ginger Into Burger Recipes

glazed fish burger
glazed fish burger - Bartosz Luczak/Shutterstock

Beyond mixing fresh or powdered ginger into fish burger patties, this ingredient can make a sweet and savory topping. Create a ginger-infused marinade and soak a few mango slices to accompany the burger. Mangoes are versatile fruits that pair as well with savory preparations as they do with sweet ones; they also mesh beautifully with seafood.

You can also whip up a zesty ginger-based soy sauce as a glaze for your fish patties. Glazing fish burgers before grilling serves two purposes. First, it imparts the savory flavor of ginger throughout the burger patties. Second, this technique helps keep them perfectly moist when cooking to ensure a pleasing texture. While incorporating ginger with fish burgers offers many benefits where nutrition is concerned, the bold, memorable flavors make this pairing so attractive. Even better, with so many ways to use ginger, feel free to experiment with recipes as you see fit.

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