Ellie Goulding Launches Three Gorge-Sounding Canned Cocktail Flavours

Ellie Goulding's a busy woman. Not only is she recording chart-topping hits with Calvin Harris, but she's launching a whole range of canned cocktails.

Her drinks brand SERVED is launching three canned cocktails based on the UK's favourite drink flavours: Mojito, Passion Fruit Martini and Piña Colada.

The cans come in at £3 each and are 8% ABV, meaning they're the perfect mid-point between low-alcohol drinks and 10%+ offerings - ideal for summer sipping.

served cocktails

They're made with lots of lovely stuff too. Sustainably sourced ingredients, wonky fruit, and premium spirits.

Plus there's no excess sugar involved, the fruit is enough.

Ellie has been very involved in the cocktail creation: "“We set out to create cocktails that are as fresh and delicious as the ones in your favourite bar, but in a convenient format, allowing everyone to enjoy a high-quality drinking experience, wherever they choose. I call myself our ‘chief tasting officer’ as I taste every recipe with my team and the quality and flavour is second to none.”

served cocktails ellie goulding

SERVED co-founder Dean Ginsberg comments, “We have spent 18-months sourcing the finest natural ingredients and developing genuine bar-quality cocktails in a can."

So we're hoping they'll be as delicious as they sound!

The new drinks will be available in Ocado, WHSmith, Daylesford Organic, Amazon and the SERVED website.