Elliot Page Oprah Winfrey interview: Actor says he is finally ‘comfortable in my body’

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Watch: Elliot Page on Oprah Winfrey: Actor says it was 'crucial' to speak out about transition in first TV interview

Elliot Page has said it was “imperative” to publicly come out as transgender at a time the community feels under attack.

The actor, 34, sat down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss his transition, which he announced on social media in December.

In a trailer for The Oprah Conversation interview, Page said he felt a duty to go public.

He said: “I was expressing this to people in my life much before posting that letter and telling people for the first time and knowing I wanted a moment to become comfortable in myself and to be able to get to that point.

“For me, in this time we’re in right now and especially with this horrible backlash we’re seeing towards trans people, particularly trans youth, it really felt imperative to do so.”

Page was referencing a wave of laws in states across the US limiting young transgender people from accessing certain medical treatments or in some cases participating in sports.

He told Winfrey it was “crucial” for him to publicly come outApple
He told Winfrey it was “crucial” for him to publicly come outApple

Page is known for an Oscar-nominated role in 2007 coming-of-age drama Juno and for playing The White Violin in Netflix superhero series The Umbrella Academy.

He told Winfrey it “crucial and important” to publicly come out.

Winfrey also asked Page what part of his transition had brought him the most joy.

An emotional Page said: “Getting out of the shower and the towel’s around your waist and you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and you’re just like, ‘there I am’. And I’m not having the moment where I’m panicked, I’m not having all these little moments that used to be…

“Just being in a T-shirt. It’s being able to touch my chest and feel comfortable in my body for the, probably the first time. Tears of joy.”

Previously, Page said he “wanted to be a boy” from the age of nine and that he “compromised” his true gender identity to pursue a career as a child actor and for Hollywood success.

He made the remarks to TIME in his first major print interview since he made the decision to come out as transgender in December.

He also described the joy he felt at finally being himselfApple TV+
He also described the joy he felt at finally being himselfApple TV+

Page also spoke about undergoing surgery and said he had already had a procedure on his top which had “completely transformed” his life.

Page is gay and came out publicly in 2014 at the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive conference for LGTBQ youth. At the time, he said: “I’m here today because I am gay. And because maybe I can make a difference.”

Four years later, he married dancer Emma Portner. The couple divorced this year having split in the summer of 2020.

The actor says the former couple “remain close friends.”

Portner voiced her public support for her ex on Instagram after he shared news of his transitioning, writing: “I am so proud of @elliotpage... Shine on sweet E. Love you so much.”

The Elliot Page episode of The Oprah Conversation premieres Friday April 30 on Apple TV+.

Watch: Elliot Page says he 'massive explosion of creativity' after coming out as transgender

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