Emma Raducanu vs Daria Snigur LIVE: Result and reaction as Briton reaches Nottingham Open quarter-finals

 (Mike Egerton/PA Wire)
(Mike Egerton/PA Wire)

Emma Raducanu progressed through to the quarter-finals of the Rothesay Open in Nottingham with a straight-sets victory over Ukraine’s Daria Snigur.

In a match where she produced 10 aces and won six games in a row in the first set, it was a good performance from Raducanu, who won 6-2 6-2 over Snigur, who is an experienced grass court player.

Raducanu is fully underway with her grass court preparations as she hopes to peak in time for Wimbledon this July and is growing in both confidence and fitness following a six-week absence. She skipped the French Open after a first-round defeat at the Madrid Open choosing instead to focus on the grass court season and ‘keep fit for the rest of the year’.

Her first round match in Nottingham saw her easily sweep past Japanese opponent Ena Shibahara, winning 6-1 6-4 in straight sets though she was displeased at some “insane” line calls.

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Emma Raducanu vs Daria Snigur LIVE

  • Emma Raducanu faces Daria Snigur at the Nottingham Open around 11.30am

  • Raducanu is stepping up preparation for Wimbledon

  • She defeated Ena Shibahara 6-1 6-4 in opening round

  • Raducanu defeats Snigur 6-2 6-2 to book her place in the quarter-finals

Emma Raducanu reaches Nottingham Open quarter-finals

13:30 , Sonia Twigg

Emma Raducanu defeated Ukraine’s Daria Snigur to reach her first WTA Tour quarter-final on grass at the Rothesay Open in Nottingham.

The former US Open champion produced a solid display in cool, windy conditions to triumph 6-2 6-2, with 11 aces proving very useful.

Raducanu had complained strongly about the line calling in her first-round win over Ena Shibahara, and there were a few more disputes here, with several overrules and both players voicing their unhappiness.

She struggled to find her range and timing in the first couple of games against 22-year-old Snigur, who is ranked 127th and proficient on grass having won the junior title at Wimbledon five years ago.

Raducanu, who could next meet good friend Francesca Jones, found herself 2-0 down but recovered the break immediately and a tough hold in the next game proved an important moment.

She reeled off six games in a row to clinch the first set and then broke again on a Snigur double fault in the third game of the second.

She had to save two break points at 3-2, with her serve again coming to the rescue, but broke again in the next game before wrapping up victory in an hour and 19 minutes.

“It was an extremely tricky match,” said Raducanu. “I knew from before I came on I needed to be on it today because Daria is a really good player and grass-court player especially.

“I’m very, very happy with how I managed it, especially in the beginning, and came through.”

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Emma Raducanu is into the quarter-finals after beating Daria Snigur in straight sets

13:23 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu on the home crowd: “It was incredible, today I could really hear the support and I could really feel it.

“It was nice to - it’s our turf, the Brits - it’s not just me, but all the Brits are doing pretty well in this tournament, so we’re trying to take the title home again, one of us.”

Emma Raducanu is into the quarter-finals after beating Daria Snigur in straight sets

13:17 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu on the run of six games: “It’s very important, because tennis I feel is a game of momentum and you really have to capitalise when you’re feeling the run, whether that’s games in a row, matches in a row, or tournaments in a row, because wins and games are really hard to come by.

“So when you’re up, you have to stay on it and then you almost have this feeling like ‘something is going to go wrong’ but it’s about trying to shut that one out and do whatever you can with the tactics, to pull ahead.”

Emma Raducanu is into the quarter-finals after beating Daria Snigur in straight sets

13:10 , Sonia Twigg

Emma Raducanu: “It was an extremely tricky match. I knew from before I came on that I needed to be on it today because Daria is a really good grass court player especially, she won junior Wimbledon, and I played with her in the juniors growing up.

“I know how tricky she can be to play and how unorthodox she is playing, so it’s really difficult, but I’m really happy with the way I managed it and came through.”

Emma Raducanu is into the quarter-finals after beating Daria Snigur in straight sets

13:04 , Sonia Twigg

Emma Raducanu showcased some of her best tennis, and definitely her best serves, producing at least 10 aces during the two-set contest.

Daria Snigur played well, and is used to playing on grass, but after losing the first two games of the match, Raducanu fought back to win six on a row and take the first set.

In the second, she started in the same manner she finished the first, and consistently looked to attack the Snigur serve, and was rewarded with a key victory for what has already been an injury-hit couple of years.

Emma Raducanu 6-2 6-2 Daria Snigur - GAME, SET, MATCH

13:02 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu produces another serve to take the game to deuce, then sets up match point, but she misses an attempted cross-court backhand winner, and the game goes back to deuce.

Snigur has another break opportunity to save the match, and again it’s saved by Raducanu.

The Briton has a second match point, and again Snigur saves it, by coming to the net with a volleyed winner.

Raducanu carves out a third match point, and this time she does take it! Raducanu whips a wide forehand and Snigur cannot get the ball back.

The British player is into the quarter-finals of the Nottingham Open.

Emma Raducanu 6-2 5-2 Daria Snigur - DEUCE

12:59 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu is serving for the match, and takes the first point, but Snigur produces a backhand down the line to level the game at 15-15.

Snigur goes ahead at 15-30, and she’s not out of this yet, but again another big ace from Raducanu, straight down the line and the game is level.

Raducanu puts too much into a backhand and it leaves her a bit flat-footed to reach another backhand winner from Snigur, to set up a break point.

Emma Raducanu 6-2 5-2 Daria Snigur

12:52 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu has a chance to kill the match off now, she’s 0-30 up on Snigur’s serve, and a sliced serve is returned deep which the Ukrainian cannot return in.

Raducanu has three break points, Snigur saves the first, but she can’t do anything about the second, and the Briton is in pole position.

Emma Raducanu 6-2 4-2 Daria Snigur

12:49 , Sonia Twigg

Snigur takes the first point on Raducanu’s serve, and the clapping from the fans is a bit more muted, but the Brit is level after a relatively lengthy baseline rally exchange.

Raducanu produces a stunning backhand to carve out a winning point down the line, and that does deserve a fist pump!

Snigur has a break point at 30-40, after one just slid away from Raducanu, but the Brit produces a big serve to take the game to deuce.

But Snigur plays the ball down the line after Raducanu was caught between the lines having come in for a drop shot, and will have a second break point.

Again, it’s saved by a big serve from Raducanu, and a backhand slice to follow up, gives her the game point, and she takes the game with another wide serve, her 10th ace.

Emma Raducanu 6-2 3-2 Daria Snigur

12:39 , Sonia Twigg

Snigur takes the first point, but after a discussion with the umpire when her serve was called out,m she has to set herself.

A wild forehand when the net pushed the ball back into the court sees the server move 30-0 ahead, and then to three game points.

Raducanu just gets a racket to that one and Snigur holds to love!

Emma Raducanu 6-2 3-1 Daria Snigur

12:37 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu takes the first point of her service game as Snigur returns wide, but she loses the next two points.

Another ace makes it 30-30, she has performed well on her serve today, and another deep serve into the corner gives the Brit the game point at 40-30.

A good forehand from Snigur takes this game to deuce, and another big ace gives Raducanu the advantage again, and she takes the game with the next serve that Snigur cannot return.

Emma Raducanu 6-2 2-1 Daria Snigur - BREAK

12:31 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu then attacks Snigur’s serve to take the first point of the next game, but the Ukrainian fights back to move into a 30-15 lead, and sets up game point with an open forehand down the line.

But Raducanu is not out of this yet, winning two points in a row to take the game to deuce.

Another strange bounce and Raducanu can just fend the ball off her racket and straight into the turf, but she will have another chance by winning the next point for a second deuce.

Snigur with another advantage after a return comes of the frame of Raducanu’s racket, but the Brit takes it to a third deuce with a powerful forehand.

This time, Raducanu has the advantage, and she will take the break thanks to a Snigur double fault.

Emma Raducanu 6-2 1-1 Daria Snigur

12:25 , Sonia Twigg

Snigur hits the ball just into the tramlines and Raducnau has the first points on her first service game of the second set.

She plays a brilliant shot at the net, covered the court well to get there, Snigur left the ball thinking it was going long, but it dropped well inside the baseline. That warranted a big fist pump from the Brit!

Snigur levels with an almost perfect backhand down the line, 30-30, but she follows it up with a return that was overhit, and another one to give Raducanu the hold.

Emma Raducanu 6-2 0-1 Daria Snigur

12:21 , Sonia Twigg

Snigur takes the first point of the second serve after capitalising on a fortunate bounce off the net.

Raducanu is adamant that one from Snigur went out of the baseline, but there are no reviews and no hawk eye, and the Ukrainian moves 40-0 ahead.

Snigur holds the game to love.

Emma Raducanu 6-2 Daria Snigur - SET

12:17 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu is serving for the set, and she is coming out superior now in these baseline exchanges, keeping Snigur on one side of the court before winning the point with a cross-court backhand.

She moves 30-0 up when Snigur fires a backhand into the tramlines, and creates three set points with a great wide second serve that the Ukrainian couldn’t get a racket to.

She takes it with the first set point, that was a good response from losing her first service game, she won six games in a row, to take the first set in just 34 minutes.

Emma Raducanu 5-2 Daria Snigur - BREAK

12:12 , Sonia Twigg

Snigur goes ahead on her serve, and Raducanu seems more relaxed this time with the calls after questioning the line judges in her first matches.

Snigur has double-faulted for the second time, to make it 30-30, and misses another attempted drop shot to give Raducanu a break point.

Raducanu takes it! It’s a double break in the first set.

Emma Raducanu 4-2 Daria Snigur

12:09 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu has not been at her best on her own serve so far in this match, but this is a key chance to move significantly ahead in the first set.

She serves well for the first point, taking a 15-0 lead, and follows it up with a wide ace.

Another ace makes it 40-0, that was her fifth of the match, and another wide one sees the British player pull ahead to the appreciation of the home crowd.

Emma Raducanu 3-2 Daria Snigur - BREAK

12:06 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu then takes the first point on Snigur’s serve with a strong forehand return that forces her opponent to hit the ball wide.

She produces another to make it 15-30 with a cross-court forehand. After saving two break points, Raducanu now has a couple, but has no chance at the first one which was a good ace from Snigur.

However, Snigur misses an attempted drop shot, and has turned things around after the opening two games.

Emma Raducanu 2-2 Daria Snigur

12:03 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu has the chance to make the game level after a slightly shaky start on her own serve, and she gets off to a good start, with Snigur missing the first return of the game.

However, a return from Snigur had a wild bounce off the line that Raducanu could only parry in and allowed her opponent to hit a winner. The variable bounce will not be what the players would have wanted.

Raducanu creates a hold opportunity at 40-15, but a double fault reduces her advantage, and another overhit forehand makes it deuce.

The British player has only won three points on her first serve so far, and Snigur carves out another chance to break by reading the game well and taking advantage.

Snigur goes for the big hit down the line on the return, and it’s just out, allowing Raducanu another chance, but she can’t attack and a wild forehand falls well out of the court.

Raducanu serves an ace to take the game back to deuce, her third of the match, and then goes ahead. This time she does capitalise and holds the game.

Emma Raducanu 1-2 Daria Snigur - BREAK

11:54 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu has a chance to get back into the this game at 15-30, but she hits a ball too long, and it’s all level.

She hasn’t quite found her range today, but she has a chance to break back immediately with a break point.

Snigur goes onto her second serve, and Raducanu does break back.

Emma Raducanu 0-2 Daria Snigur* - BREAK!

11:52 , Mike Jones

Snigur unleashes on a strong forehand and takes the game to deuce, she then attacks Raducanu’s second serve and forces the Brit into the net the set up the first break point of the match.

Raducanu saves it but then errs. Trying to save the second break point, Raducanu misses her first serve then pings a shot into the net.

She’s broken.

*Emma Raducanu 0-1 Daria Snigur

11:48 , Mike Jones

Oh wow! A wonderful return of serve from Snigur sees her belt a forehand back across the net to move back into the lead. Raducanu then hits the net before firing down a wide ace!


*Emma Raducanu 0-1 Daria Snigur

11:47 , Mike Jones

Over on Centre Court at Nottingham, Emma Raducanu has got her match versus Daria Snigur underway. The Ukranian held serve for the first game.

Raducanu currently trails 0-15 from her first service game.

Jack Draper battles past Marcos Giron to reach Stuttgart Open quarter-finals

11:42 , Mike Jones

Jack Draper continued his Wimbledon preparations with a battling victory over American Marcos Giron to book his place in the quarter-finals of the Stuttgart Open.

Draper – who has now edged ahead of Cameron Norrie for the British number one ranking in the live standings – missed the entire grass court swing last year because of injury.

After a straight-sets win over Sebastian Ofner on Monday, Draper found things tougher against Giron, who had comfortably seen off two-time former Wimbledon champion Andy Murray in his first-round match.

Jack Draper battles past Marcos Giron to reach Stuttgart Open quarter-finals

Emma Raducanu vs Daria Snigur

11:31 , Mike Jones

Britons Emma Raducanu and Francesca Jones will be looking to reach the quarter-finals of the Women’s singles on day six of the Nottingham open.

Raducanu takes on Daria Snigur on Centre Court following the conclusion of Cameron Norrie’s match against Jack Pinnington Jones.

Norrie is currently 3-0 up in the first set.

Raducanu on line calls

11:23 , Mike Jones

“I feel like I was playing two v one on court, it was insane,” said Raducanu. “I think a lot of the time they go both ways, today I felt they were all against me but it just makes me feel better that I managed to beat her and the umpire as well.

“It is difficult when there is no challenge but it is something everyone has to deal with.

“You can be fortunate in some ways, maybe it was just trying to make the match more competitive. It was 6-1 and 5-1 and all of a sudden first point serving at 5-3 it’s a really bad line call.

“It’s something I had to deal with and overcome. I am very pleased with the attitude I came out with from the get-go and also having to deal with the adversity.”

Raducanu on winning opening match versus Ena Shibahara

11:15 , Mike Jones

“I was very pleased to come through that, it wasn’t easy,” said Emma Raducanu on her victory over Ena Shibahara. “I haven’t played in a match for a while, playing someone who comes through qualifying and is used to the conditions, I am very pleased to have won that match.

“And more just happy with how I was in myself. My demeanour was great, my attitude was great, that is the most important thing and if I have that then I know the tennis will follow.

“An element of me forgot what it was like to play at home and have that support behind and it is amazing, it’s a great feeling.

“I am very lucky to have great support wherever I play, but it’s not quite like coming and playing in the UK. It’s something that me and all the Brits cherish and look forward to every year.”

Emma Raducanu fumes over line calls despite victory in Nottingham Open first round

11:07 , Mike Jones

Emma Raducanu said she was on the end of some “insane” line calls which left her feeling like it was “two v one” in her first-round victory at the Nottingham Open.

Less than 24 hours after British compatriot Harriet Dart described the standard of line-calling as “pretty appalling” in her defeat to Katie Boulter, where she offered to bet the chair umpire £50,000 she was wrong about a call, Raducanu was on the wrong end of some questionable decisions.

But she did not let it affect her and began her latest career reboot with a comfortable 6-1 6-4 over Japanese Ena Shibahara.

Emma Raducanu fumes over line calls despite victory in Nottingham Open first round

Harriet Dart bets umpire £50,000 over line call in ill-tempered defeat to Katie Boulter

11:00 , Mike Jones

Harriet Dart offered to bet the umpire £50,000 she was right about a disputed line call in her ill-tempered defeat to British teammate Katie Boulter at the Nottingham Open.

Dart told the official Kelly Rask that she was “embarrassing yourself” after the British No 2 was convinced a ball landed out during a rally in the second set of a tight tussle and later accused Rask of “threatening” her.

Defending champion Boulter kept out of the drama and sealed a 6-7 (5), 6-4, 7-5 victory.

Harriet Dart bets umpire £50,000 over line call in defeat to Katie Boulter

Ons Jabeur on losing Wimbledon final

10:52 , Mike Jones

Ons Jabeur was in tears at the end of her defeat to Marketa Vondrousova at Wimbledon last year and was comforted by the Princess of Wales but still believes she will one day be the queen of Centre Court.

“It is definitely feeling much better than last year, but time is helping me heal from that,” she said. “I have learned a lot from that experience.

“I am really looking forward to playing all of the grass tournaments, especially Wimbledon. It is what it is, everything happens for a reason. I am really trying to take the positive from it.

“Definitely, the belief is there that I can win it one day. I play tennis for many reasons but the main one is belief and if that stops, I don’t see much point in playing tennis.”

Goldenballs please – Ons Jabeur hoping to meet David Beckham at Wimbledon again

10:45 , Mike Jones

Ons Jabeur has set her sights on meeting David Beckham again as she aims to make it third time lucky at Wimbledon this summer.

Jabeur, the world number nine, has lost the last two finals at SW19 as she went down to Elena Rybakina in 2022 and Marketa Vondrousova last year in what she described as the “most painful defeat of her career”.

It was on her way to the final last year that she met former England captain Beckham, who she described as a hero.

Goldenballs please – Ons Jabeur hoping to meet David Beckham at Wimbledon again

Heather Watson on prioritising Olympics

10:37 , Mike Jones

“My biggest goal in the last 12 months was to play in my fourth Olympics in Paris,” she told the PA news agency.

“So I put a big push on doubles in the last 12 months. I started off playing every week. It was after Wimbledon where I set that goal for myself because I just wanted to give it a good old go.

“Hopefully I am able to go and play doubles with Katie Boulter and mixed doubles with Joe Salisbury. That has been my main focus. I don’t know whether we have made it or not.

“But now, whether we make it or not, I am going to focus on my singles because I have sacrificed it for the past 12 months. I want to get that back and I need to set new goals now. I am in a different place in my career and my life.

“London 2012 was one of the best experiences of my life. It is an honour to be at such an amazing event like that.”

Britain’s Heather Watson set to learn whether Olympic doubles push has paid off

10:30 , Mike Jones

Heather Watson says she has sacrificed her singles career for the past 12 months in order to focus on doubles in a bid to qualify for a fourth Olympics.

The 32-year-old will find out in the next few days whether she has done enough to be part of Team GB in Paris later this summer.

Watson would play with British number one Katie Boulter in the women’s doubles and then most likely Joe Salisbury in the mixed doubles.

Britain’s Heather Watson set to learn whether Olympic doubles push has paid off

Boulter on playing at the Nottingham Open

10:22 , Mike Jones

“I have some of my childhood memories here so I always get that warm fuzzy feeling every time I come out here,” said Britain’s Katie Boulter after making it into the second round in Nottingham.

“Just being back where it started reminds me how far I have come and I just keep working hard every day and see what happens. I am out here enjoying myself on the Nottingham courts and I don’t take that for granted.

“It is going to take some time to be at my best, I am realistic with that, it is about getting some momentum and getting to the last weeks of the grass court season and playing my best stuff there.

“But I wouldn’t mind playing my best stuff here either. I’ll take it one match at a time and see how we go.”

Katie Boulter keeps hopes of second successive Nottingham open title alive

10:15 , Mike Jones

Katie Boulter’s dream of a second successive title at her home event is firmly alive after breezing into the quarter-finals.

Victory at the Nottingham Open last year kick-started an impressive year which has seen her surge into the world’s top 30.

And she is looking good again on home turf after easing past Rebecca Marino 6-4 6-3 to book a quarter-final spot.

Katie Boulter keeps hopes of second successive Nottingham open title alive

Emma Raducanu reveals Wimbledon preparation plans including home tournament

10:08 , Mike Jones

Emma Raducanu will play at the Nottingham Open next month as part of her Wimbledon preparations.

The 21-year-old has opted to skip the French Open and focus her preparations on the grass-court season, which she missed last year following surgery on both wrists and one ankle.

The Nottingham Open, beginning on June 10, is the first WTA Tour event of the British grass-court season.

Emma Raducanu reveals Wimbledon preparation plans including home tournament

Emma Raducanu vs Daria Snigur

10:00 , Mike Jones

Emma Raducanu going through a training session ahead of her second round match against Daria Snigur.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)
 (Mike Egerton/PA Wire)
(Mike Egerton/PA Wire)
 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Emma Raducanu issues fitness update as Wimbledon preparation begins with grass-court return

09:52 , Mike Jones

Emma Raducanu has to remind herself she needed a mobility scooter this time last year as she prepares for her latest career reboot.

The 21-year-old will play her first match since April on Tuesday after choosing to skip the French Open in order to prepare for the grass-court season, which begins with the Nottingham Open this week.

Raducanu, whose 2024 playing schedule has been sporadic, is taking small steps on her road to recovery from three surgeries this time last year, where she went under the knife on both wrists and an ankle, leaving her needing assistance to get around.

Raducanu issues fitness update ahead of grass-court return

How is Raducanu’s fitness?

09:45 , Mike Jones

“It was pretty surreal because obviously I couldn’t be on crutches because I’d had two wrist surgeries,” she said ahead of her return in Nottingham. “So I had a cast on one hand – I’d timed it so I didn’t have two casts at the same time, obviously – a splint on the other and my ankle was also pretty much immobilised, in a splint and stitches. So I would just scooter around with one knee. As someone who is so active it’s difficult to just shut your body down.

“I think it’s very easy for me to lose sight of where I was exactly a year ago because it is pretty much a year ago to this day, this month. You get so caught up in your own world that you want more and more and more. But a year ago I was on a scooter scooting around and I didn’t know – there was an element of doubt.

“To be healthy and to be here, I need to cherish it. So thanks for reminding me to do that. Body-wise, physical-wise, I feel really healthy. I feel really strong. I’ve done amazing work with my trainer over the last few months, since surgery.

“I’m in a really fit place. I think my wrists are actually in a better position than they ever were. So there’s zero doubt or apprehension whether I’m hitting the ball or designing my schedule. It’s more about being proactive and not wanting to put yourself in any unnecessary situations.”

How to watch Emma Raducanu vs Daria Snigur

09:38 , Mike Jones

The match will begin at around 11:30am BST on Centre Court.

You can watch the match with free-to-air coverage on the BBC Red Button. There is a live stream on BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport website.

Thursday’s coverage begins at 11:20am and ends at 8:00pm.

Good morning!

09:29 , Mike Jones

Welcome to The Independent’s coverage of today’s tennis action as Emma Raducanu takes to court once again as she looks to continue her campaign at the Rothesay Open in Nottingham.

The 21-year-old faces a tricky outing against Ukraine’s Daria Snigur as she continues to build confidence ahead of Wimbledon this July.

Raducanu skipped the French Open to focus on the grass court tournaments and a strong outing in Nottingham will continue to rebuild her fitness levels.

She’s expected on Centre Court around 11.30am and we’ll have all the build up to her match beforehand.