Emma Raducanu vs Leylah Fernandez LIVE! US Open Final stream

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 (ES Composite)
(ES Composite)

Emma Raducanu vs Leylah Fernandez — LIVE!

Raducanu aims to write the happiest of endings to her New York fairy-tale tonight when she takes on Fernandez in the final of the US Open.

Not since Virginia Wade lifted her most famous title at Wimbledon in 1977 had a British woman even reached a Grand Slam singles final until now.

That the player to achieve the feat is an 18-year-old taking her first real steps in the professional game makes this one of the most extraordinary stories in all sport.

On the line is a prize cheque for £1.8million — more than eight times Raducanu's current career earnings — as well as 2,000 ranking points, which would move the teenager up from her current standing of 150 to 23.

Even defeat would see Raducanu climb to 32nd in the rankings, putting her in contention to be seeded for her debut at the Australian Open in January.

Fernandez has had a similarly seismic impact at Flushing Meadows, with her incredible run including victories over defending champion Naomi Osaka, another former winner in Angelique Kerber, fifth seed Elina Svitolina and second seed Aryna Sabalenka.

The Canadian is just two months older than Raducanu and the pair have known each other since they competed at under-12 level.

Follow Emma Raducanu vs Leylah Fernandez with Standard Sport’s LIVE blog below...

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  • How to watch the match the final for free

  • Marketing dream Emma ‘will make millions’

Emma the great

00:31 , James Major

That’s everything from us on an historic night. Well played Emma, you were simply sensational. Join us tomorrow for all the reaction and analysis of one of the great British sporting achievements.

Raducanu speaking to Amazon Prime

23:41 , Simon Collings

“Honestly I am still so shocked. It means absolutely everything to hold this trophy. I just don’t want to let go right now.”

Former Wimbledon junior winner Laura Robson hails Raducanu

23:40 , Simon Collings

“What a performance Emma Raducanu, so clutch under pressure. She is just a phenomenal talent,” she told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“To deliver that sort of performance today is another level.

“She is just the full package. Her movement is fantastic, her shots are incredible, the pace and the way she takes it on the rise but for me mentally today she was outstanding.”

Henman on Raducanu

23:36 , Simon Collings

“What she has achieved, second grand slam and the way she has gone about it, she will win more of these, she is that good,” he told Amazon Prime.

“This is not some flash in the pan or fairy tale. She is playing top five tennis.

“Her world will be turned upside down but she has good people around her. It will be a hell of a ride if she can stay injury free.”

Raducanu on have Wade and Henman in the stands

23:32 , Simon Collings

“It means so much to have Virginia here and also Tim. It really helps. It definitely gave me the belief that I could actually do it.”

Raducanu on court

23:31 , Simon Collings

“I hope we can play in many more finals. Leylah was always going to fight, that’s why she is here in the final. I knew I had to dig deep.”

More from Fernandez

23:28 , Simon Collings

“I know on this day it was especially hard for New York and everyone around the United States. I just want to say that I hope I can be as strong and as resilient as New York has been the past 20 years.”

Fernandez speaking on court

23:26 , Simon Collings

“It’s incredible. I honeslty have no idea what to say. Today is going to be hard to recuperate from, but Emma played amazing. But I am proud of how I played in these last two weeks. The crowd was amazing. Thank you so much New York.

“I hope to be back in the finals with a trophy. The right trophy!”

23:23 , Simon Collings

A reminder that Raducanu:

- Didn’t drop a set

- Was a qualifier

- Was playing in her second ever Grand Slam

23:19 , Simon Collings

They are prepping the stage now for the trophy presentation. Billie Jean King will give Emma Raducanu the trophy.

Tim Henman to Amazon Prime

23:16 , Simon Collings

“I am shaking. My legs are like jelly.”

23:14 , Simon Collings

Amazing scenes here as Raducanu makes her way to her box. She hugs her coach. She’s in tears.

Just amazing.

What a win

23:11 , Simon Collings

Raducanu 6-4 6-3 Fernandez


23:11 , Simon Collings


Championship point

23:11 , Simon Collings

Fernandez hits a backhand long. Another chance for Raducanu. This time, can she?

*Raducanu 6-4 5-3 Fernandez

23:10 , Simon Collings

Fernandez goes long with a forehand and we head to deuce.

We have a great rally and a stunning lob from Fernandez gets her back in the point. Raducanu goes long with a forehand to bring up breakpoint.

Raducanu hits back again though, reaching high to get a smash. Deuce again!

23:08 , Simon Collings

We are back.

23:06 , Simon Collings

Fernandez isn’t happy about this, but I am not sure what Raducanu can do?

She’s bleeding from the knee and it needs treatment.

*Raducanu 6-4 5-3 Fernandez

23:04 , Simon Collings

A brief break in play now as Raducanu is bleeding from her knee after a slide.

*Raducanu 6-4 5-3 Fernandez

23:04 , Simon Collings

Fernandez is not laying down here and starts with a great forehand down the line to go 0-15 up. The Canadian goes loose with another, though, and it moves to 15-15.

Then a textbook point from Raducanu, who serves out wide and hits the forehand down the line. 30-15.

Fernandez is fighting, though, and Raducanu can’t convert when she comes into the net. Fernandez then wins a huge point and it’s 30-40.

*Raducanu 6-4 5-3 Fernandez

22:59 , Simon Collings

Wow. What a point. Raducanu looks to have it, but Fernandez finds a forehand winner down the line. Raducanu then hits a backhand into the net.

We go to another game.

Raducanu 6-4 5-2 Fernandez*

22:58 , Simon Collings

No! She can’t convert again. She hits a forehand into the net.

Deuce again!

Raducanu 6-4 5-2 Fernandez*

22:57 , Simon Collings

Raducanu brings up another Championship point with a huge forehand.

This time?

Raducanu 6-4 5-2 Fernandez*

22:57 , Simon Collings

Fernandez is digging in and rallying well. She hits hard to Raducanu’s backhand and the Brit hits it into the net.

Fernandez can’t convert, though, and we go back to deuce.

Raducanu 6-4 5-2 Fernandez*

22:56 , Simon Collings

But Fernandez saves it. A huge serve and then a great forehand.


Raducanu 6-4 5-2 Fernandez*

22:55 , Simon Collings

Fernadnez hits the net cord, but it drops her side.


Raducanu 6-4 5-2 Fernandez*

22:54 , Simon Collings

Another brillaint point. Raducanu defends so well. She fluffs a smash but recovers to win.


Raducanu 6-4 5-2 Fernandez*

22:54 , Simon Collings

A good serve from Fernandez and Raducanu fires into the net.


Raducanu 6-4 5-2 Fernandez*

22:53 , Simon Collings

The first serve goes into the net, but after the second the two get into a good rally. Raducanu eventually pushes a forehand wide.


Raducanu 6-4 5-2 Fernandez*

22:53 , Simon Collings

Raducanu makes the perfect start as Fernandez fires long with forehand.


Raducanu 6-4 5-2 Fernandez*

22:52 , Simon Collings

Right here we go. Raducanu is four points from glory.

Raducanu 6-4 5-2 Fernandez*

22:50 , Simon Collings

Right, Raducanu needs to ram home the advantage now. She starts well and goes 30-15 up.

The Brit then forces Fernandez out wide and goes 40-15 up.

She holds as Fernandez goes long.

One. More. Game.

*Raducanu 6-4 4-2 Fernandez

22:48 , Simon Collings

This is a big game in the match. Fernandez needs to hold. She starts well, but then Raducanu hits an outrageous backhand past her to make it 15-15. 83mph that winner!

Raducanu follows it up with a forehand winner. This is just amazing hitting. She brings up two breakpoints...

Fernandez faults on the first serve, but Raducanu is early on the second one and pushes the backhand wide.

Another chance...

She looks out of the point as Fernandez pins her, but then - somehow - she fires a forehand past Fernandez at the net.

Raducanu 6-4 3-2 Fernandez*

22:43 , Simon Collings

The pair exchange blows at the start of this game and we go to 15-15. Raducanu looks ice cold and she forces the error from Fernandez to make it 30-15.

We go to 30-30 but then a great, wide serve from Raducanu brings up game point. She holds with a slick serve down the tee!

*Raducanu 6-4 2-2 Fernandez

22:40 , Simon Collings

A big game here as Fernandez looks to take control. She slips to 0-15 and then falls to 0-30 as Raducanu hits a big forehand winner.

Fernandez, though, hits back and makes it 30-30 with a lovely cross-court backhand. She plays that shot so well.

But anything Fernandez can do, so can Raducanu. She wins the next to points with two brilliant backhands. Amazing.

Raducanu 6-4 1-2 Fernandez*

22:34 , Simon Collings

Fernandez has somehow found another gear. She’s picked up the pace and brings up two break points at 15-40 with a net cord.

Raducanu responds with a big deep forehand, that Fernandez can’t get back and then she fires one into the net and we go to deuce.

The Brit then takes advantage with a big serve down the tee. She tries to take the game with a forehand down the line, but she can’t get it over the net.

Fernandez then brings up advantage with an inside out forehand and then claims the break as Raducanu hits a backhand into the net.

*Raducanu 6-4 1-1 Fernandez

22:28 , Simon Collings

You can feel the momentum has shifted here. Fernandez has dropped off and Raducanu has pounced in no time.

She races into a 0-40 lead.

But wait...

Fernandez shows some fight, though, and hits back with a great backhand to claw it back to 30-40 before making it deuce with serve out wide.

She then holds. Amazing.

Raducanu 6-4 1-1 Fernandez*

22:24 , Simon Collings

A good start to the second set from Raducanu, who needs to keep on top.

She holds with ease, dropping just one point.

22:20 , Simon Collings

A much-needed break now. Fernandez heads off court for a moment and we can all catch our breath.

What a first set.


22:18 , Simon Collings

We get to a fourth set point as more powerhitting from Raducanu grinds down Fernandez. Can she convert this time?

You bet she can! A huge forehand to win the set!

Raducanu 5-4 Fernandez*

22:17 , Simon Collings

Fernandez opens up with a strong start, forcing Raducanu to spoon a forehand skyward when pushed out wide. The Brit responds, though, as Fernandez pushes her own forehand long.

The margins are so tight and Raducanu forces Ferandez long by firing a backhand cross court with extreme power.

Fernandez faults the first set and Raducanu sweeps the second serve past her to bring up two set points!

She goes long with the first as her backhand is just a little loose.

One more, can she do it this time? No! Fernandez responds with some brilliant play and we go to deuce.

Raducanu wins another set point, but once again she can’t convert as she fires a backhand into the net.

22:10 , Raducanu 5-4 Fernandez*

A big service game from Raducanu. The level of hitting is amazing and Fernandez is defending so well.

Raducanu eventually grinds her down, forcing her to go long twice to bring up 40-15.

Fernandez goes long again with a forehand and she is serving to stay in the set.

*Raducanu 4-4 Fernandez

22:06 , Simon Collings

Raducanu starts well with the new balls in play. The ball is travelling at pace and the Brit goes 15-30 up.

Can Fernandez respond? You bet she can. She fires a great backhand cross court, before smashing a forehand down the line. Raducanu hits back, though, and we head to deuce (how many times have we said that already?).

Another great forehand from Fernandez, though, brings up advantage and she holds with a good serve out wide.

Crunch time in this first set now.

22:02 , Simon Collings

Martina Navratilova: “We are watching two future hall of famers.”

She isn’t wrong so far.

Raducanu 4-3 Fernandez*

22:00 , Simon Collings

A topsy-turvy game as the two players exchange blows and we go to 30-30. Raducanu then goes to 40-30 with a huge forehand down the line. What a shot!

A stunning rally ensues after. Fernandez defends so well, diving left and right, but Raducanu has too much power.

*Raducanu 3-3 Fernandez

21:55 , Simon Collings

Raducanu wins the first point as Fernandez hits a backhand into the net. The Brit then has an unforced error of her own, though, as she leaks a forehand long.

Fernandez double faults, but Raducanu pushes a forehand wide and we go to 30-30.

Fernandez wins the next two points, the second by a net cord, and holds. Six games in and we are neck and neck. Superb tennis.

Raducanu 3-2 Fernandez*

21:50 , Simon Collings

Fernandez is finding her groove now. She wins the opening point with a brilliant backhand down the line. Raducanu then double faults and she’s 0-30 down.

Good composure from Raducanu, however, who hits back to win the next four points.

The Brit pumps her fist and yells: “Come on!”

*Raducanu 2-2 Fernandez

21:47 , Simon Collings

Fernandez starts with a good serve to Raducanu’s body and quickly races into a 30-0 lead. She then makes it 40-0 with a perfect drop-shot.

Raducanu fights back, though, and peppers Fernandez’s backhand before winning the point with a huge volleyed forehand. An error from Fernandez let’s the game slip to 40-30.

Fernandez gets the job done, however, with a fine serve.

Raducanu 2-1 Fernandez*

21:42 , Simon Collings

Fernandez brings up another break point, but she can’t convert. The Canadian wins another. Can she do it this time? No! She fires the return, from a second serve, into the net.

A double fault from Raducanu brings up a fourth break point and this time Fernandez gets the job done.

We have played 22 minutes and only got through three games.

*Raducanu 2-0 Fernandez

21:39 , Simon Collings

A good start to the game from Fernandez, who wins it with a delightful slice shot. Raducanu hits back, though, winning the next two poits by moving Fernandez around the court.

Fernandez fights, though, and we go to 30-30. Raducanu then goes long with a backhand and Fernandez has break point.

But not for long, a great serve down the middle from Raducanu forces Fernandez to fire the ball into the net.

We go to deuce...

*Raducanu 2-0 Fernandez

21:33 , Simon Collings

The quality of tennis here is amazing. Two debutants in a final, but they are playing like veterans.

Fernandez saves five break points, but she can’t save a sixth and Raducanu takes the game.

“Let’s go!” screams the Brit.

Raducanu 1-0 Fernandez*

21:30 , Simon Collings

A stunning start from Raducanu, who wins the opening with a big backhand straight from a second serve. Fernandez follows that up with a double fault, before flying a wild forehand wide. 0-40 and three break points for Raducanu.

She loses the first one by going long, before Fernandez wins the second with some amazing defence. Raducanu then pushes a forehand wide and suddenly it’s 40-40.

Fernandez gives up two more break points, but somehow she fights back to save them before winning the game. Eight minutes into this game and we are still going.

Raducanu 1-0 Fernandez*

21:22 , Simon Collings

Fernandez wins the opening point with a brilliant cross-court backhand, but Raducanu hits back and finds her groove to win the game. Some lovely attacking play from her too. A good opening game from the Brit, who wins it with a stunning backhand. Nerves, what nerves?

21:18 , Simon Collings

The warm-up is done. The players are ready. Here we go. Raducanu won the toss and will serve.

21:14 , Simon Collings

Raducanu warming up now, going through her shots. She’s 18 but just looks so, so relaxed and calm. It really is remarkable.

21:10 , Simon Collings

The players come out on court to huge cheers. An amazing atmosphere in New York. This should be a belter.

Raducanu to Amazon Prime

21:09 , Simon Collings

“The time has flown here in New York. I am going to go out there and enjoy it today. I am going out there today and I can’t wait to just get stuck in.”

21:08 , Simon Collings

Live shots of Raducanu and Fernandez in the tunnel. They’ll do a pre-match interview before they head onto the court.

Raducan looks calm and composed. Not much conversation between the two finalists.

21:02 , Simon Collings

The American national anthem is now being performed as we await the players.

Raducanu is Pat Cash’s “favourite"

20:55 , Simon Collings

Speaking to BBC 5 Live, Cash said: “Raducanu’s performances have been clinical. It is ridiculous she hasn’t dropped a set. I had Bencic as one of the favourites and Raducanu dealt with her easily.

“Maybe it is one of those things that is unexplainable. It is unbelievable. I would say Raducanu is the favourite.”


Fernandez’s family sticking to routine too...

20:49 , Simon Collings

Well, we thought Raducanu’s camp were sticking to routine. How about Fernandez’s father, Jorge?

Same socks, shampoo, jeans and...underwear, for every match so far.

Raducanu sticking to her routine

20:44 , Simon Collings

The teenager is in the spotlight, but her team have tried to keep things simple in New York. They’ve not changed a thing as they’ve got through the rounds - even eating the same bagel every day for breakfast!

How did Raducanu get here?

20:33 , Simon Collings

Raducanu has been flawless so far in reaching the final. Take a look at this run:Qualifying round one - beat Bibiane Schoofs 6-1 6-2

Qualifying round two - beat Mariam Bolkvadze 6-3 7-5

Qualifying round three - beat Mayar Sherif 6-1 6-4

Round one - beat Stefanie Voegele 6-2 6-3

Round two - beat Zhang Shuai 6-2 6-4

Round three - beat Sara Sorribes Tormo 6-0 6-1

Round four - beat Shelby Rogers 6-2 6-1

Quarter-finals - beat Belinda Bencic 6-3 6-4

Semi-finals - beat Maria Sakkari 6-1 6-4

 (USA TODAY Sports)
(USA TODAY Sports)

Net gain

20:22 , James Major

Raducanu’s aggression on court is underlined by her authority when it comes to winning points at the net. In her six matches from round one to the semi-finals, she won a total of 38 net points and lost just seven, which is an approach she is likely to continue against Fernandez tonight.

Serving up success

20:20 , James Major

Raducanu’s service game has been a key factor behind her success here. She has rifled in a total of 322 successful first-serves, and sent down 26 aces – an average of almost three a game – during the tournament. Her service game so far has yielded just 15 double faults, and her second serve has also proved impressive, winning more than 50 per cent of those points.

A number’s game

20:16 , James Major

Raducanu has won a total of 109 games and lost 43 in New York. In six of those matches, her opponent won a total of five games or less across two sets, and Raducanu has not yet required a tie-break to win any set.

Climbing the ladder

20:13 , James Major

Ranked in the high 300s when handed a wildcard for Wimbledon as a reward for the promise she had shown in the junior ranks, Raducanu has repaid that faith and then some. First, with a run to the last 16 at her home Grand Slam and then with this stunning run to the US Open final which moves her up to at least No32 in the world.

The winner’s cheque

20:06 , James Major

Win and Raducanu will bank £1.8m, which is a staggering hike on the prize money she took home for claiming her previous biggest title which came at an ITF event in Pune with an overall tournament purse of just £15,000.

Pressure-cooker tennis

20:01 , James Major

Her fans are all praying she rises to the occasion on the biggest stage in tennis tonight. Who can forget how cruelly her run at Wimbledon came to a close this summer when she withdrew from her last-16 battle with Ajla Tomljanovic with a breathing difficulty. Afterwards, Raducanu admitted that the magnitude of the occasion had got to her. Of course, there have been nerves at Flushing Meadows - and a couple of stuttering starts - but Raducanu has played fearless, attacking tennis that hasn’t given her opponents a sniff of victory and there have been no signs of a repeat.

Ruthless progress

19:52 , James Major

Raducanu has captured the hearts of a nation, with fans in thrall to a player who has blitzed her way through this draw, not dropping a set in the nine matches she has won to reach tonight’s final on Arthur Ashe court. She had to win three qualifying matches to even secure a first-round place, beginning against Dutch opponent Bibiane Schoofs on August 25 and reaching the final just 16 days later by knocking out Maria Sakkari, the No17 seed from Greece 6-1, 6-4. Second qualifying round rival - Georgian player Mariam Bolkvadze - arguably proved to be her toughest opponent, taking eight games off her.

Elite company

19:45 , James Major

Already the teenager from Bromley finds herself in elite company, with Ann Jones, Sue Barker and Virginia Wade the only other British women to play in a grand-slam singles final in the open era.

A brand dream

19:28 , Marco Giacomelli

Raducanu’s run to the final has already earned her £900,000.

But, whatever the result tonight, marketing experts predict millions more will roll in.

Read more about the 18-year-old described as a ‘brand dream’

TV treat for British fans

19:25 , Marco Giacomelli

Raducanu’s run to the final has captured the nation’s attention.

And there was good news for her new fans this morning when it was announced that the match is being shown on Channel 4.

It’s thanks to a deal with Amazon Prime, who have the UK rights to the Grand Slam.

To find out more read this.

Good evening

19:19 , Marco Giacomelli

Welcome to the Standard Sport’s coverage of tonight’s US Open Final between Emma Raducanu and Leylah Fernandez.

Play is due to begin at 9pm in what could be a sensational night in New York.

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