Emmerdale airs Cain Dingle twist as Caleb is caught out

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Cain Dingle has been caught up in his brother Caleb's plot against Home Farm in Emmerdale.

In Wednesday's (June 7) episode, Caleb's life spun rapidly into a downward spiral as his secret plan to steal all the money in Home Farm's accounts was rumbled.

His downfall started after Nicky called off his sham wedding to Gabby, leading an irate Caleb to punch his son in the face when he refused to take the fall for the scam.

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Caleb desperately contacted his criminal cohort Adrian to speed up their plot, only to discover that Home Farm's bank accounts had already been drained of their money.

His months of plotting were exposed when Kim revealed she'd discovered what her supposed business partner was planning and struck first by changing her accounts.

"I just stood outside that door long enough for you to get your little shock," Kim announced with a sly smile.

Caleb was cornered when Kim ordered him to "have some dignity" and recognise that it was "time to give up" his plotting once and for all.

"That's not a skill I've ever acquired," Caleb snapped back, with Kim taunting him: "Neither, it seems, was subtlety!"

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Kim announced that "every penny" Caleb intended to steal was now safely hidden away in accounts he couldn't dream of gaining access to. She then stepped to the side to reveal Caleb's brother Cain had been listening.

Caleb tried to flee, only for Cain to grab him and warn: "You're going nowhere!"

"I didn't bother calling the police. Just Cain, who knows everything," Kim warned.

These latest revelations will lead to shocking upcoming scenes where someone tries to kill Caleb — but which Emmerdale resident is driven to the edge by the new arrival's scheming?

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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