Emmerdale airs Graham Foster twist in Caleb's comeuppance story

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has revealed that Caleb Miligan has a surprising connection to baddie Graham Foster.

The revelation came to light in Thursday's (June 8) double bill, when Caleb had to face the music for lying to brother Cain Dingle about trying to steal all of Kim Tate's money.

Viewers learned earlier this year that Caleb is the estranged son of Faith Dingle and Frank Tate — and he continues to hold a grudge over Kim swindling Frank's money away from his estate.

Kim taunted Caleb in front of Cain, admitting she was "almost impressed" he was willing to "screw over" his new family, the Dingles, just to get his hands on Home Farm.

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Caleb was exposed, as viewers found out, when Kim realised he'd been humming a song she'd just been listening to alone — Neil Diamond's 'Forever in Blue Jeans'. It was Will Taylor who definitely proved Caleb's scheming when he trailed criminal contact Adrian and learned of Caleb's plot to drain Home Farm's bank accounts with spyware.

"You were never gonna get your grubby little hands on my money," Kim insisted.

Cain was tipped off by Kim sharing that his brother was "the real enemy", then outed that Caleb is the one who'd complained to Health and Safety about the machinery on the farm. When Caleb tried to defend himself, Cain socked him in the stomach. As Cain quipped that Caleb was never really a Dingle anyway, his brother lashed out by claiming he is a Tate.

Caleb then revealed he knew everything about his father Frank's death — including the way Kim watched him die instead of getting him life-saving help.

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"I came here to ruin [Kim's] life and get what I'm owed," he confessed.

Once Gabby arrived to confirm Nicky was actually Caleb's son, the villain finally came clean about the way he'd found out about Kim in the first place. Caleb reminded Kim she had once admitted what she'd done to ex-husband Graham, and then Graham shared the dirty details with him one night while he was drunk.

This was during the period where Kim was putting pressure on Graham to murder Joe Tate, so he was particularly vulnerable. Viewers will remember that Graham would ultimately be killed off too, at the hands of Pierce Harris.

How will Kim react to this latest bombshell from her past?

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