Emmerdale's Chloe Harris shares her big decision over Mackenzie Boyd

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Chloe Harris has made a shocking decision over her future with Mackenzie Boyd in Emmerdale.

Earlier this week, Chloe confessed to Amy Wyatt that she actually remembered the events of the recent crash where Mack risked letting her die in order to save Charity Dingle from the wreckage.

Amy has remained horrified that, in spite of knowing Mack was prepared to let Chloe die, her sister was considering giving him a second chance.

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In Wednesday's (October 24) episode, Amy made it clear to Mackenzie that she would be staying with the couple throughout Chloe's recovery process.

Chloe was growing concerned with Amy's standoffish attitude towards Mack, who could clearly sense that something was off. Still, Mack has no idea that Chloe knows about his decision to save Charity.

Later, Chloe admitted to Amy that Mackenzie choosing Charity over the mother of his child was "despicable".

"But, I think it was a terrible, split-second mistake," Chloe said.

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Amy was stunned to see Chloe defending Mackenzie, especially considering he'd already cheated on her with Charity before the crash even occurred.

"He loves me. I know that he does," Chloe replied.

When Amy begged Chloe not to let Mackenzie get away with what he'd done, her sister insisted their relationship was complicated.

"It's not just about me," Chloe told her. "Reuben deserves to grow up with a mum and a dad in the same house… I am drawing a line and moving on for the sake of my family."

She then declared: "Amy, I'm giving [Mack] a second chance whether I've got your support or not."

Will Chloe regret her decision to forgive Mackenzie?

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