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Ravichandran Ashwin is said to have developed a new 'mystery ball'

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Ravichandran Ashwin is said to have developed a new 'mystery ball'

England are being urged to ignore the hype about Ravichandran Ashwin's new 'mystery ball', and simply play the off-spinner on his merits.

Alastair Cook and his fellow batsmen could be forgiven perhaps for some uncertainty on reading headlines in India on Monday about Ashwin's latest delivery, and his intention to unveil it in the forthcoming four-Test series.

But ssistant coach Richard Halsall spent enough time on the Sussex staff with England slow-balling coach Mushtaq Ahmed to know some of the tricks of the trade are purely verbal, and said: "I was very fortunate to spend a few years with Mushtaq at Sussex, and Mushy would have a 'mystery ball' every week."

He went on: "He'd show it to the opposition in the nets - and as we'd wander off he'd say 'that's just my leg-spinner'."

If Ashwin is not bluffing, however, England will be ready to adapt too.

"If he has got a mystery ball, that's fantastic for him - move cricket on, and all that," added Halsall. "But I'm sure our batsmen will watch him carefully and deal with each ball as it comes."

It is well-chronicled already that England have been starved of useful match practice against frontline spin in their three warm-up fixtures here - a fact generally interpreted to be a tactic from on high in the India camp, to prevent the tourists becoming accustomed to the challenge they are about to face against Ashwin and slow left-armer Pragyan Ojha.

England are confident nonetheless they have done all they can to help themselves.

"It is frustrating, but we can't do anything about that," said Halsall.

"What we have been able to do is give the players sufficient practice of a high enough quality off the pitch that they feel ready. Then we hope that when you see them in the middle, they'll look quite comfortable with what's put up against them. The fact that the players feel ready, I think, is testament to what we've done."

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