England: Danny Cipriani slams Eddie Jones over private school comments

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Former England fly-half Danny Cipriani has criticised Eddie Jones, stating that the lack of leaders in English rugby is down to the head coach and not the school system.

Jones believes that players from private schools struggle under pressure due to their “closeted life”.

He also insists that they lack “resolve” and wants the system to change going forward, but his views were rebuked by the Rugby Football Union.

World Cup winner Sir Clive Woodward has also criticised Jones with Cipriani the latest to challenge the Red Rose head coach’s comments.

The 34-year-old, despite struggling to convince the Australian of his talents over the years, does have experience of playing under the England boss.

Having been a part of the Red Rose squad and also viewed their performances from afar, Cipriani says that the team is being held back by Jones and not the country’s rugby playing structure.

An easy target

“The reason Eddie is not getting the type of players he says he wants is because of the environment he creates with England and not the schooling system. That is an easy target,” the playmaker wrote in the Daily Mail.

“The private school system in England has allowed a lot of people to flourish and have successful rugby careers who might not have done so had they gone to other places of education. I count myself among that number.

“Don’t get me wrong, the private system is not perfect. It misses a lot of potential talent.

“Historically, there has been a systemic class issue within English rugby because of who the majority of the participants are.

“The RFU do need to do more to make the game more inclusive for everyone. They need to try to attract people from every class of society and increase participation.

“A lot of that can be pointed back to how the RFU runs things. But that is a different point from the one which Eddie raised about the lack of leadership in his players.”

Cipriani, who has never seen eye-to-eye with Jones, was particularly critical of the England head coach in his column.

“Eddie should look at himself rather than criticise others. The environment you create as a coach is reflected by the performance of your team and players,” he wrote.

“If a coach creates a decision-making environment which allows his or her players to problem solve, have an input on how the team is run, and is self-reflective of his or her own performance, then their side’s ability to react under pressure will grow. Eddie does not do that.

“When the team loses, Eddie points the finger elsewhere. The situations he creates in training are all about generating quick ball. If the ball is not quick, then he turns it over.

“The players are told exactly what to do by Eddie and how the game will go, they struggle to react when things do not go to plan.

“Again, to be clear, this is not down to their education but is the fault of the England set-up, driven by Jones as head coach.”

Challenging Jones’ methods

The 16-times capped England fly-half also believes that Jones does not like to be challenged and, if players do, it always ends badly for them.

He added: “Any player who speaks his mind in this England environment is dismissed. Just look at what happened to Danny Care.

“He spent four years away because he confronted Eddie. Surely a coach who wants players to think for themselves would encourage two-way conversation?

“For England to go to the next level and produce consistent, winning rugby, they need an environment which regularly challenges the players on their rugby intelligence and decision-making. If they get that, it will create a group who can problem-solve on the run in games.

“Many things can be looked at in rugby and where the player pool comes from is one of them. But rather than focus on that, let’s start with an England coach who takes responsibility.”

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