England will face ‘Danish dynamite’ at Wembley, says ambassador Lars Thuesen

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England will face “Danish dynamite” at Wembley tonight, Denmark’s ambassador to London has declared as millions of fans prepared to watch the Euro 2020 semi-final.

Lars Thuesen claimed his country’s team are not the “underdogs” and backed them to win on penalties if the game goes to the wire.

He hailed Denmark as an “amazing team”, branding them as “one of the best teams in Danish football history”.

Asked about Danish football chants, he told LBC Radio: “We have a lot of songs and we have prepared all of them, we know them by heart because our flag is red and white.

“So we are red and white, we are Danish dynamite.”

He added: “I don’t think we are the underdogs.”

Pressed on whether he believes his team will win if it goes to penalties, he responded: “Yes, not the least because we have a great goalkeeper, Kasper Schmeichel who is playing in Leicester.

“We have a pretty good chance there and we also have a pretty good record.”

He accepted the restrictions on Danish fans coming to London for the game.

“The fans in Denmark are not happy, there is no reason to hide that,” he explained.

“They have been able to follow the team all over Europe, they can’t go to Wembley.

“I have explained to them that this is just the general British travel restrictions, that is the way it is, and we do respect them.

“I think it’s a fair deal.

“We got 8,000 tickets for Danes living in the UK, that’s lucky for us, unlucky for the fans back home, but I think that is a reasonable compromise.

“We are still in a pandemic.”

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