England to prioritise memories over medals as Sinfield vows 'clarity' for post-Jones era

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Steve Borthwick will bring a "clarity" to England as their new boss, with defence coach Kevin Sinfield indicating they will prioritise memories over medals.

The duo departed Leicester Tigers last month, where they won the Premiership together, to take charge at Twickenham following Eddies Jones' exit.

With only an incoming Six Nations campaign and a handful of friendlies before the Rugby World Cup kicks off in September, the pair will immediately have their hands full.

But Sinfield is relishing the challenge, and has outlined how the two of them will strive to unite a side that struggled across a bruising November campaign.

"We will provide an environment where there is clarity, but also there is a togetherness and a fight and a spirit where they look after each other and care for each other," he told BBC Sport.

"That is really important to us. We need to have a system, we need to understand each other's roles within that, we need to understand within that we will get stuff wrong.

"But I think if they can understand that the things that are important in your career, [we will be alright].

"You can have a load of money and a load of medals, but ultimately the friendship and the memories are what is really, really important."

The second-in-command post with England marks a meteoric rise through the ranks for Sinfield, who cut his teeth as a player in rugby league with Leeds Rhinos.

Among the most successful players of the modern British game, he adds that he can feel the desire among his new charges, and that his role is to successfully translate it to the pitch.

"I think they are hungry; I've seen that over the last few days," he added. "I've sat in front of them and seen the sparkle in their eyes.

"I am learning every day and I don't think that ever stops. There is so much knowledge and rugby intelligence in our players.

"I need to tap into that too. To see the calibre of players we have available is really exciting."